The Wit of Reason is the web site of the Libertarian Reason magazine. The comments section – unlike any other web site I can think of – are so much fun to read

Is typical – it’s a story about Walmart toying with the idea of doing same day home deliveries by having other Walmart customers deliver the items to you. That story itself is interesting, but not the point.

The people there don’t (generally) attack each other – the 8 year olds who troll Internet message boards seem not interested. Message threads are full of irony, wit, sarcasm, obscure but relevant references and humor. Often times they’re making back references to stories from a few days ago – something I do a lot to reward the regular readers and confuse the fly by readers. You may have noticed I don’t allow Google to index this blog or provide an RSS feed. I got fed up with people monitoring google, seeing I use a phrase like “left handed octopus sunglasses”, show up knowing nothing about me or the web site, and dive bomb an insult like “man, you’re an idiot – an octopus can’t wear those underwater!!!!”, then vanish.

It may not be your cup of No Tea, but I find it interesting.

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  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    I like Reason. Walmart aside, Reason magazine has more smart readers that there are ‘holes at the Albert Hall.

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