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When Sirius/XM dropped Fox News Talk Radio, I suggested that Fox would likely pull out of Radio syndication, since they have a puny affiliate base on Over the Air Radio

Well, my prediction wasn’t bold enough. News Corp threatened today to pull all its network programming From over the air TV – no more Simpsons and whatever else is on Fox unless you pay for a subscription. I’m pretty sure the rule is still Over The Air TV must not encrypt their programming over the “public” airwaves.

With TV, it gets more tricky – unlike radio, News Corp owns local TV stations which would leave their O&O stations without network programming.

The reason is a company called Aereo, run by Barry Diller, the man who created Fox TV for News Corp. Aero is a service that allows people to stream over the air TV stations in New York on the Internet. Fox considers this theft of their intellectual property. Aereo charges a monthly subscription fee which allows time shifting programming using Roku Your subscription fee covers the “lease” of a dime sized antenna in Brooklyn that is your personal TV antenna. You have to live in and be in New York to subscribe – but a rollout in the top 20 national markets will happen if the decision sticks. You then access your personal antenna and recorded programs over the Internet.

A court in Las Vegas last week refused to shut down the service. It is based on the 2008 Cablevision decision that allows viewers to store programming on equipment they don’t own for later playback.

The target here is cable TV and the portion of your monthly fee they hand over to local TV stations or require bundling with channels you don’t want.

With IP delivered TV (see The Blaze)and movies and Local TV via Aereo, the Cable company just becomes the pipe, not the selector of what you see.

Google is waiting in the wings to take over the “providing the IP pipe” business – they have a press conference in Austin tomorrow to announce it will be the second city to be wired with Google Fiber (1 Gb/sec for $70 a month or free at 5Mb/sec
Down, 1 Mb/sec up)

Eventually radio will face the same issue if this stands (if there is anything left by then)

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  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    It is retro back to the 1970s and 1980s before the tv stations lobbied Congress to require the fee. In the olden days, the stations were grateful to be available in more homes that without the cable company.

    Today, the scheme is to charge people for channels they don’t use. Glenn Beck is lobbying hard to get the cable companies to do that, and is saying that they already charge you for programming from those nasty Arabs and commie Chinese, please call them up and ask them to throw in another charge for my new channel (paraphrasing, of course).

    And just why shouldn’t you be able to watch TV from Los Angeles or Miami the way you can hear radio from there? The answer is that that would create competition and capitalism rather than the Congressional management we have of the industry today.

  2. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    “You have to live in and be in New York to subscribe” Actually, you need to simply have a credit card with a billing address with a zip code that the broadcasters have decreed as the New York market (parts of NJ/NY/CT). You can actually be or travel to anywhere in the world and watch the live streams so long as you don’t change your credit card’s billing address.

    You can try it for free without a credit card, but your IP address has to be in the same zip codes. There are many VPNs that provide NYC IP addresses for a few dollars per month. I have used them when I have been overseas.

  3. Parrott says:

    Good luck with that ‘aereo’ . I want no part of that.
    XM came with our vehicle back in 2011, it was ok, free for 3 months and if you renewed for a year , it was cheap.
    Then They said ok, time to pay full rate. I only have a 17 mile commute and it wasn’t worth the cost. Wouldn’t let me pick the six or seven channels I wanted. So I dumped that and just kept the weather and traffic updates. Annoying.
    why would I buy cable?
    The local news on TV has gone south. They do One story at the beginning of the half hour (commercial)and then two fluff stories. (commercial) Weatherman on weather deck. (commercial) Weatherman in front of green screen, missed forecast, then Ha Ha Hee Hee with sports guy. (commercial) 90 seconds of sports. (commercial) Then jocularity with sports guy, weatheman, and news guy anchor and news-woman anchor, for 45 seconds, then off.(commericals)
    why would I pay for that ?
    Then Scott Pelley carry-ing OBO’s water for gun control, trotting out the parents of children victims of Looney-Lonza. I really felt sorry for those parents in December and January. Now they are allowing the administration to use them, and I don’t have the patience for them anymore
    They wore me out. Its very clear they have a agenda, and its based in
    chuck Schumer Bat-cheit.
    So, bottom line, me no pay for TV , use and antenna and when thats no longer needed,
    screw it, I am not buying it.
    The phone company is lucky I purchase DSL.

    • Art Stone says:

      This could be a chicken and egg problem and has a radio parallel – with the arrival of cable TV, the FCC created the “must carry” rule that Local TV stations could demand to be included for free on Cable TV systems in their area OR they could demand payment for their free over the air Channel but that released the cable systems from Must Carry.

      The result was “bundling” – TV companies started cable channels and said “OK, you can have the Fox TV station for free if you also carry Fox News and Fox Business. ABC TV is owned by Disney, so you can carry the local ABC station for “free” if you carry the Disney channel and ESPN.

      So cable TV revenue became more of the source of money for local TV programming, which for most stations now only means their local news.

      Then a funny thing happened – people dropped cable and switched to satellite TV. Comcast Customer Service hides behind blast proof glass and pass equipment through a secure remote control door, after standing in line for half an hour only during the hours most people have to be at work.

      Without cable TV revenue and no other reason to care about your local station, the money dries up to do things like have actual reporters on the street. It gets worse, making even less reasons to want to watch your local stations. Hello death spiral.

      • Parrott says:

        “Hello death spiral.”
        You are wise Art.

        Have a good one,

        • CC1s121LrBGT says:

          I have to parrot our Parrott, but I think the death spiral is overdue. I was laughing out loud at the description of the local news above because it really nailed it. There is no reason to watch it. The only think missing was the closing at the end for a story they new about but didn’t tell you because they are holding it for the next news broadcast.

          Usually the top story is local crime for 5 minutes, then maybe even a youtube video.

          Is it just me, or does it seem odd to have so much smiling and laughing when the local news is presented?

          • Parrott says:

            I am in Virginia CC, and its like all of the TV stations sent their Program manager to the same conference and each came back to their station with the next Big Idea a ‘new Format’ .
            Its crazy.
            I will watch for youtube video footage on the newscast (now that is cheap)!
            The volunteer firemen around here seem a little to eager to send in video of a house fire or a car wreak on the Interstate. scary,

            have a good one !

          • CC1s121LrBGT says:

            Damn, Parrott! You just blurted out my two new secret ideas for cable channels – The The CarWreck Channel in 3D, and the HouseFire Channel that sells a special IP connected space heater so you can actually feel the heat of the fires.

            The first one I plan to offer to Comcast’s MSLSD channel, the second one to Glen Beck’s Blaze.

          • Art Stone says:

            From reading newsletters, people in Media like to prank each other to make them break up on air. I wish people stopped with the plastic surgery looks (men included) but I also realize they do it because viewers do react to it

            All News radio stations have the same disease – I have clear memories of WCBS-AM – they have a woman there who takes happy pills apparently. Her tone of voice rarely changes and she’s reading copy that she hasn’t scanned ahead of time. She’ll be well into a story about a building collapse in Pakistan or this type of dismemberment story before realizing her happy voice isn’t appropriate – making it awkward if she suddenly sounds somber, so generally she just keeps up with the happy voice

          • Art Stone says:

            We have seen the enemy and it is us. The way things are wired these days, Nielsen can provide continuous data of when people hit their channel changer. The reason “local” TV runs a story about a dismemberment murder 1000 miles away is because we watch it. If they ran a story about the city council meeting where they voted to sell the revenue stream from the parking meters for the next 80 years to fund their pensions, nobody cares

  4. Nidster says:

    This is one of the best blogs around and I check it several times each day. I have no cable or satellite, no XM or Sirius. Over-the-air TV is sliding to the bottom of the heap. Still have a couple of decent radio choices. I use the internet streams and news sources.

  5. Parrott says:

    ” The The CarWreck Channel in 3D, and the HouseFire Channel ”

    LMAO !!!
    Thats funny right there !

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