Eating Animal fat isn’t what causes heart disease

I doubt you’ll read about this. Another “oops, so sorry” mistake by government scientists working with Big Pharma to scare people into taking eternal life pills.

Today’s discovery is that the mechanism is there is a bacteria in your intestines that aids in breaking down meat tissue. That bacteria interacts with a chemical present in meat (camitine) which creates trimethylamine-N Oxide (TMAO). The more red meat you eat, the more that bacteria increases.

McDonald’s bring back fries cooked in beef fat and see what happens to sales

The study was done by the Cleveland Clinic

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8 Responses to Eating Animal fat isn’t what causes heart disease

  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Seems to depend what you put on the meat:

    I know of a place with dinner (daily at 3 pm CT) that that doesn’t contribute to those funerals. 😉

  2. foyle says:

    I love the recent study published in the Lancet. I heard one of the authors interviewed on the BBC.

    They found that mummies from around the globe (that ranged in age from a couple hundred to several thousand years) had prevalence of heart disease. That’s right folks — even without Coca Cola, Marlboro, or McDonald’s, people throughout history have died from heart disease.

  3. Ed Gein says:

    The bullshit “food pyramid” was a concoction of the wheat lobby and their butt buddies in DC, and now that it’s contrived “nutrition” nonsense has become part of the American culture, the drug companies are more than thrilled to make it a meange a trois.

    Force feed lies to the sheeple, watch them grow increasingly obese, and put them on a nice diabetes medication for life. It’s a win win win. Gubment keeps the sheeple in line, Wheat farmers keep the supply running, and pharma sells oodles of drugs to people who wouldn’t need them if they threw away the whole grain and chowed down on fried lard with a side of prime rib.

    It’s criminal. Sincerely.

    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      Equally if not more criminal is the huge import tariff to keep sugar cane and its sugar out of the country. It impoverishes the Caribbean but more importantly creates the HFCS (corn syrup) that causes obesity and diabetes.

      Not satisfied with ruining our health, Congress passed new laws so that corn would ruin our gasoline engines and further hurt our standard of living.

      • Art Stone says:

        Putting ethanol in gasoline drastically cuts mileage, not just because ethanol has fewer BTUs of energy, but its negative effects on combustion. It wouldn’t surprise me if there you compared 9 gallons of straight gasoline with the mileage of 9 gallons of gasoline + 1 gallon of ethanol if the gasoline only would out distance the ethanol blend of 10 gallons – even before factoring the energy inputs consumed to grow and distribute ethanol, and the harder to quantify consumption of topsoil, depletion of the acquifers under the Midwest and the swelling of the dead zone in the gulf of Mexico.

        This is “green”? Only to ADM and Monsanto

  4. Ed Gein says:

    Straight on, friend. Tis but one morsel of Big Brother abuse, and why I cannot fathom a huge portion of the populace more than thrilled to give BB yet more tyrannical power.

  5. Nidster says:

    Lots of good posts on this thread. VERY enjoyable reading and plenty to consider…

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