What does it mean with Savage going to 3 pm ET?

Michael “Savage” Weiner has made the official announcement. Starting in January 2014, Cumulus Media will be moving his show to 3 PM Eastern Time.

While this means that Savage will move to 3 PM on the stations owned by Cumulus (WABC, WLS, WBAL, WMAL, KSFO), Clear Channel and Premiere will continue to produce the Sean Hannity Show and syndicate it via Premiere. It’s a pretty safe bet Clear Channel’s owned and operated stations will stay with Hannity.

Who carries Hannity currently? Keeping in mind that my database only lists stations that stream, and ignoring simulcast stations, there are 216 stations that carry Hannity during the week

| count  | parentname             |
|     66 | Clear Channel          |
|     60 | Independents           |
|     40 | Cumulus                |
|     10 | Townsquare Media       |
|      5 | Midwest                |
|      5 | Entercom               |
|      5 | Cox Radio              |
|      3 | Zimmer Radio           |
|      3 | River Radio            |
|      3 | CBS                    |
|      2 | NRG                    |
|      2 | NextMedia              |
|      2 | Eagle Communications   |
|      1 | Bonneville             |
|      1 | Alt/Confer Trusts      |
|      1 | Journal Broadcasting   |
|      1 | Emmis                  |
|      1 | FTG Group              |
|      1 | Neuhoff                |
|      1 | BiCoastal              |
|      1 | Curtis Communications  |
|      1 | Cherry Creek           |
|      1 | Mortenson Broadcasting |

So what happens to the stations that currently carry Savage Live from 9pm-mid ET? The big winner here is probably John Batchelor who will get his full 4 hour show back on the former ABC Radio network stations.

Who carries Savage now at 9 PM?

| count  | parentname             |
|     41 | Cumulus                |
|     37 | Independents           |
|      6 | Clear Channel          |
|      4 | Entercom               |
|      3 | Zimmer Radio           |
|      2 | Journal Broadcasting   |
|      2 | Curtis Communications  |
|      1 | James Crystal          |
|      1 | NextMedia              |
|      1 | Mortenson Broadcasting |
|      1 | Davidson               |
|      1 | Midwest                |
|      1 | River Radio            |
|      1 | BiCoastal              |
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25 Responses to What does it mean with Savage going to 3 pm ET?

  1. Good for Savage, terrible for Hannity. Savage owned the time period following Hannity when he was at TRN, so the move to Cumulus hurt him a lot. As it is many talk stations don’t run Hannity live and put local hosts after Rush. I would expect more of the same, and Savage does seem to have a firm grasp on the growing disdain of both major political parties. He does tell the same stories too often, though. I understand he wore a dead man’s pants, and his dogs enjoy sailing on his gigantic yacht.

    I’ve always been mystified by Hannity’s radio show. He seems to be a straight-down-the-line party man, and he could just as easily run a three-hour tape every day that repeats the phrase “Republicans good, Democrats bad!”

    As far as I can tell, Sean Hannity has only had to do one day of show prep since he went into national syndication…and that was the first day, September 10, 2001. Since then, the dang thing has written itself.

    • Art Stone says:

      I can add in a clarification – the Heritage Foundation has been writing his show. Somehow he thinks he can read talking points and background material and conceal the fact he is reading. He frequently gets tripped up because they use college words beyond his vocabulary.

    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      It seems that a sizable chunk of Sean’s radio show is promoting his television show that is on later that night.

      One of the biggest uses I have had with SRG over the years, was to find alternatives to Sean and Levin in the afternoon.

  2. briand75 says:

    Savage is a crackpot. When you rant constantly and abuse callers, you are a crackpot. Hannity? Let’s tell it like it is – he has some charisma, but he wears very thin with the “fair and balanced” act. He gets on my nerves because, although putting out the information has value, doing nothing about it besides kvetching is something everyone on the planet is capable of. What is his raison d’etre?

  3. Parrott says:

    I can only take Hannity in small bits. I would rather yell at Michael Medved than listen to Hannity. I have to go outside for that.
    Hannity’s big thing is to have girls argue with each other in the second hour or have his complementary minority person call in and prove that Hannity is not racist.
    Kinda look forward to savage at that time but there will be a ton of commercials.

  4. HPaws says:

    I’m going to try binaural frequencies in my Bose Noise Cancelling headphones. I need to release and elevate the inner me-god.

  5. Hannity’s news-driven approach seems better suited to PM drive than Savage’s Savage-driven approach. It’s only PM drive in ET and CT but I think that will be a factor for Cumulus in terms of audience. Savage’s style would seem to work better in the evening.

    • Art Stone says:

      Excellent point – on the west coast, it will only be Noon-3 PM in his beloved Marin County (can he wake up early enough to do any show prep?)

      Being on during the day means there will be significant breaking news stories that people will want to know about. Having a rerun on talking about dead man’s pants, reading passages from his latest book, talking about his poodle or his latest meal at a Chinese restaurant just won’t cut it.

      One potential disconnect already is WLS in Chucago – Savage says he will be carried live – that seems unlikely that Cumulus would dump their local PM drive show to air Savage in a city where I can’t imagine him drawing any kind of audience.

    • Art Stone says:

      Savage last night said “I don’t know who my lead in will be on WABC”

      I’m going to stick my neck out and guess “Mike Huckabee”

  6. MrC_5150 says:

    Howie Carr owns the Boston area airwaves from 3pm to 7pm. Who’ll pick up Savage if not WRKO? NH FM talk 96.7?

  7. Linda S. says:

    I have really enjoyed Steve Malzberg on NewsMax TV. He has also been picked up by several radio stations. He has had the very best guests on his show, everyday. The time the guests will be on is listed in the schedule. You can decide if it is someone whom you care to hear. I really like it.
    I can’t take Savage. He is very nasty to callers, his call screener and his program director.
    Hannity started his radio career here in my hometown. We campaigned for candidates and stood out on the sides of the road, together, waving signs during elections. He introduced me to Oliver North and Newt Gingrich. He is a wonderful person. He was never a great talk show host but I do wish him the best.

    The guy that took his show when he went to Atlanta is a great friend and was a “wonderful” talk show host. He ran for office, lost, later went to Law School and now clerks for the State Supreme Court. He was a much better talk show host than was Hannity…
    I guess for sheer knowledge, Mark Levin is the greatest. I listen to him because he is the most intelligent of all the talk show hosts.

  8. More breaking talk radio news: Laura Ingraham is about to lose her flagship station, WTNT Alexandria, VA (Washington, DC market). DCRTV.com reports that WTNT and its FM translator are poised to slip formats from conservative talk to what is called “Spanish contemporary.” A website at SomosLaCapital.com is online and ready to go.

    • Art Stone says:

      I saw that on Tom Taylor and was a little skeptical….

      Thinking about it some more, maybe this is tied to the TRN implosion – I have a vague memory of the ARN show being connected to them.

      Time will tell – Doyle is back from “vacation”, Humphries never left – I think McCaslin and Dana Mills are gone although they are still on the web site.

      • DCRTV.com is now saying the flip has been confirmed by Bruce Houston of WTNT parent Metro Radio and will happen Dec. 1. The delay, says Houston via DCRTV, is because of contracts with the current lineup of talkers.

        • Art Stone says:

          Today was day 1 of the PPM ratings, which is most of the big markets. Talk radio again took big hits – KFI in LA is vanishing. Several maker market talk stations are below 0.5% share. The one exception was WSB in Hot-Lanta – Rush moved there a year ago – no obvious reason why – Herman Cain?

  9. Parrott says:

    The Local Cumu-lost station, ran TRN morning news powered by the washington Times, in the morning. Now that they are gone, they have picked up Don Imus. Interesting part, it was Imus before TRN.
    Then at 9am they run Dave Ramsey.
    They are not really going for ratings

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