Is it time to buy a VPN connection?

Someone wrote to me today who is outside of North America and realized (correctly) that can’t be used from Asia and Europe.

I suggested he look into getting a VPN connection that is very secure and allows you to “look” like you’re in the United States when you’re actually anywhere in the world.

Here is one such service

I don’t even have a passport, so I have no first hand experience with a service like this. I do have experience in the past year using a VPN – it was okay, but it does have drawbacks. The main one is latency – everything you do has to be relayed by the gateway. For instance, if you’re connecting to a work network, and you have “network drives”, if you were actually on the company WAN, those drives are as fast as if they were local drives. With a VPN, each operation to those disks requires end to end acknowledgmnts on multiple layers. One internal software package to the company that would take a minute or two to upgrade took close to an hour over the VPN. Bandwidth was not the bottleneck, it was the constant “did you get it?” hand shakes

Anyone have experience with these?

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2 Responses to Is it time to buy a VPN connection?

  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Starting last year, China began blocking VPN connections… I’d expect other countries to follow.

    They work well with steams because there isn’t a lot of handshaking. Same with downloads, and news. I’d hate to use them as a means to control a remote desktop but that is not an application your reader would use.

  2. briand75 says:

    I use VPN constantly. You are correct in that operations such as transferring a 40 MB file takes minutes instead of seconds, but my connection averages 10-12 MB/sec, so as long as I minimize the big file moves, it isn’t too bad. I don’t spend time overseas, those who do use global-facing servers, so I can’t speak to accessibility or speed from a foreign nation.

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