Hannity to leave New York

Sean Hannity is seeing the handwriting on the wall – and taking Andrew Cuomo’s advice to Conservatives to get the hell out of New York.

Hannity’s buddy Neal Boortz probably is encouraging Sean to move to Florida, since he moved moved there from Atlanta a couple years ago.

Hannity is also considering Texas, where Glenn Beck landed. Hannity has to keep doing work for Fox TV, so needs pretty sophisticated TV facilities to pull in multiple guests on video feeds. Skype probably won’t cut it.

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32 Responses to Hannity to leave New York

  1. Nidster says:

    There are a ‘boatload’ of reasons to abandon NYC. The most recent example is highlighted by taking Andrew Cuomo’s advice to Conservatives to get the hell out of New York. What are Conservatives waiting on? Could there be a more significant clue?

  2. briand75 says:

    Reality or hoopla? Hannity has that problem called child/children. Will he really pull him/them out of school and move to another state? I don’t know how old his child/children are, but I would think that has to be a major consideration. Rush didn’t have any and Beck is a madman. I am afraid I sense a publicity ploy here.

    • Art Stone says:

      I had that sense too… Or maybe “make me an offer” to give me a reason to stay

    • Frank says:

      Sean specifically stated that if/when he moves out of NYC, it would be after his son (youngest child, I presume) graduates high school.

      • Art Stone says:

        Savage is reaming Hannity over this.

        Hannity’s son is 14 and his daughter is 11. Why isn’t he going to wait for his daughter to graduate from high school?

        I moved to NC the summer between 9th and 10th grade. People in the military move with children all the time. So do ministers. Why is Patrick Hannity so fragile?

  3. Parrott says:

    Good for Hannity. Beretta should leave Maryland. Colt should get the crap out of Connecticut. (like Art did) .
    Remington should leave New York state, or that part of the state should secede from everything south of Westchester county.
    In Virginia, we should give Maryland everything north of Culpepper.
    Everyone would be happier .
    Remember Obo says smoke dope. we don’t want you knowing what the gov. is doing

  4. polokfla says:

    Beck is a “madman”? Who the hell are you? Mr. Briand75, Dr. Seuss?
    Beck has made enough $ to build a state of the art studio in Texas-waiting for anyone. I wish I was as “mad”
    Terrestrial radio is a dinosaur, Tammy Bruce used to broadcast from her house!
    It is the reason states exist, you can always vote with your feet. Screw NY and screw the Socialists who can’t handle criticism. They don’t like dissention in the ranks-we are to be loyal to the Feureur! Zieg Heil.

  5. lasong says:

    I hope Hannity or his syndicaters does something real quick. It’s very irritating to have to hear him go on and on, day after day talking about himself, how he is going to move to Texas and how much property tax he has to pay. I was hoping when Savage took over his time slot he be gone for good.

    • Art Stone says:

      So far, Savage is mostly only on the stations owned by Cumulus. Hannity is now completely tied to Premiere and Clear Channel and the order came down from on high that CC stations must carry Hannity live. I’m pretty sure that he has several years on his contract.

      Cumulus doesn’t seem particularly interested in expanding its syndication business. Cumulus isn’t going to feed independent stations in markets where they have stations.

      Of course, the good news is that with streaming and podcasts, you aren’t trapped by what the local radio station plays.

      • Parrott says:

        I heard Savage today call Hannity ‘the wallbanger’ ? If I heard that right?
        Savage also said, ” That Hannity was thrown off 50 of the best radio stations in the U.S. cause he just ran a infomercial about his show on Fox TV,”
        I remember on Bill O’reilly’s radio show a long time ago he called Savage ‘a bomb thrower’. LOL
        he (savage) was wild today

        • Art Stone says:

          For a while, he was being told to cut out the sniping at other radio hosts. The 50 stations that dropped Hannity are those owned by Cumulus.

          Hannity had a strange contract because he was syndicated by ABC radio when Disney sold it to Citadel. Hannity was given the option to leave ABC radio/citadel after a year (or 2?). When that time came, he left and moved his syndication to Premiere (Clear Channel) – because he was teamed up with Rush on so many stations, people already thought Premiere was his syndicator.

          When he jumped from ABC to Premiere a side deal was cut – that Hannity would stay on the ABC stations under a shared revenue deal (no idea of the terms). That’s what expired at the end of the year. Hannity didn’t even entertain the idea of renewing it – he went public attacking the Dickeys and saying he would never work for them. Rush renewed (except he lost WABC)

          Wall Banger is a reference to Hannity working in construction on Long Island before he went into radio. Savage is obliquely pointing out that Sean is just a little people without a college degree, unlike Savage with his Berkeley Phd.

        • CC1s121LrBGT says:

          I remember Matt Drudge bashing Bill O’Reilly for denying Matt’s scope that Bill was about to start a radio show. Once Bill O’Reilly started a radio show a few months later, Matt would regularly play the audio clip of Bill denying it.

        • If I’m not mistaken, Savage’s codewords are:

          Bill Bennett – the Gambler
          Bill O’Reilly – the Leprechaun
          Sean Hannity – the Wallbanger
          Rush Limbaugh – Salieri (allegedly Mozart’s enemy, falsely accused of stealing his work and murdering him)

          I haven’t listened to the show in a while. He may have updated his codewords. But he doesn’t change that much. I could tune in and it would still sound like 2002.

  6. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    This is a hard quote to find. It is a brilliant parody of Sean Hannity from http://www.phillytalk.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4005 :

    Hannity, while talented has very predictable and repetative rants. Typically they will go over the same point in various ways over and over. If a guy was walking home and Hannity had to narrate it in the style of his rants it would go something like this ….

    So Average Joe, American Joe, hard working Joe, your next door neighbor Joe is walking home.
    He goes past house after house, street after street, tree after tree … sometimes an oak tree, sometimes a maple tree … and on the way there are driveways, one after another, some paved, some stone, all leading to house after house where Average Joe, American Joe walks by on his way home … hoping to get there just once without the democrats spending him into the poor house, doubling down the deficit, Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, Trillion dollar so called stimulus bills … all while Joe just wants to walk home.

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