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NY Times weighs in on Cruz/Trump on talk radio For the NY Times, this is an amazingly objective fact based summary. Conservatives were not called names. It has a picture of Michael Savage in his studio (in 2007). They explain the situation with Limbaugh, Savage, Laura Ingraham, Glenn … Continue reading

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Sean Hannity appears on Glenn Beck today

Lask week, Hannity dropped to #9 here, falling behind Bob & Tom. Savage is roughly tied with Beck for #2. While Beck and Hannity are on the same radio team, they remain competitors on cable/video. It could be interesting.

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Hannity to leave New York

Sean Hannity is seeing the handwriting on the wall – and taking Andrew Cuomo’s advice to Conservatives to get the hell out of New York. Hannity’s buddy Neal Boortz probably is encouraging Sean to move to Florida, since he moved … Continue reading

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