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Cox sells its radio division to early SiriusXM investor

Cox’s fortune was the result of the work of James M. Cox, a newspaper owner from Dayton Ohio, who ran for President in 1920 for the Democrats, with a young Franklin Delano Roosevelt as his Vice President. He lost in … Continue reading

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Cumulus launches rights plan The market capitalization of Cumulus Media (NASDAQ: CMLS) is down to a mere $14 million, carrying debt of around $2.4 billion. The board just executed a preferred rights agreement intended to block a takeover attempt if any owner or … Continue reading

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Hugh Hewitt in talks with MSNBC When Hewitt took over for Bill Bennett to do the 6-9 AM shift, I wondered if he was going to last as a morning guy. The purported MSNBC show would be an evening show, so it seems unlikely Hewitt … Continue reading

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“Going concern” warning expected for IheartMedia

Marketwatch Story In the accounting business, one of the obligations of auditors is to evaluate whether the business has the resources and income to sustain itself as a business in the future. When the auditor feels the obligation to issue … Continue reading

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WCHB-AM in Detroit Sold

WCHB-AM (1200 kHz) is an urban talk station owned by Radio One, the national radio owner focused on serving the black community. Mildrid Gaddis is a long time radio personality and activist in the Detroit Area – she will move … Continue reading

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Variety Magazine: Bob Pittman may not be able to save iHeart

Time is running out for iHeart / Clear Channel and Cumulus iHeartMedia CEO Bob Pittman’s Efforts May Not Be Enough to Avoid Looming Bankruptcy I await the rebirth of radio patiently. It may well just return to dust, but the … Continue reading

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Meghan McCain gets shown the door

Countess spotted this before I did. Maybe I can add her to the staff as a hard news reporter. If I teach her how to use Google News, this could become a “go to” radio news site So Meghan signed … Continue reading

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CBS Radio to be merged into Entercom

The rumors were true Thanks to JerseyDevil for breaking the story while I was asleep having nightmares about ostriches looking in my windows. The deal is structured as a tax free exchange called a Reverse Morris Trust. CBS shareholders … Continue reading

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Man convicted of Home Invasion of Stu Epperson Jr

Winston Salem Journal Stu Epperson Jr is the son of the cofounder of the Salem media networks (SALM). A man attempted to break into his house and was caught by the police. The original story was kept fairly discrete, but … Continue reading

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Hispanics love sports too!

Univision, the Spanish language Radio and TV giant has announced it will be converting 10 of its radio stations to carry Univision Deportes (Sports) Radio in competition with ESPN Deportes Radio. Univision had previously converted most of its AM … Continue reading

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