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The Fruit from the tree of LPFM

Congress authorized the FCC about 15 Years ago to hand out Low Power FM non-commercial licenses with a maximum power of 100 watts. The FCC dragged their tail, stalling for 10 years to give others a chance to jump in … Continue reading

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Bloomberg goes after Steve Deace

Bloomberg story Michael Bloomberg and his empire are about as hardcore #nevertrump as you can get. Late night religious Conservative talk show host Steve Deace is also. Since they’re both on the same team, why did Bloomberg decide to make … Continue reading

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You Are…. In 2016

This ain’t your daddy’s church Matt Bentley is in the news today for an unrelated reason Mega-church pastor stabbed in southwest Charlotte home invasion

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K-Love hits #2 in Denver

For those who don’t know, K-love is a Contemporary Christian music (CCM) service of the non-commercial Educational Media Foundation (EMF). It is targeted primarily at mothers. EMF has another Christian Rock format called Air1, designed to attract angst filled teenagers. … Continue reading

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