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Muddled music thinking

The best mix of all the hits! Choose one. Another station in Elmira New York describes itself as “offers a Adult Standards format, playing mostly Adult Contemporary music.” Yes, Ella Fitzgerald is “Contemporary” all right Vote Up +0 Vote Down … Continue reading

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A few ratings tidbits

For the most part, I ignore radio ratings from month to month as I don’t trust them and think Arbitron (now Nielsen) bears a significant part of the responsibility of the decline of radio, getting people in radio chasing the … Continue reading

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PPM killed Delilah

That’s what Bloomberg thinks The Arbitron / Nielsen Portable People Meter listens to what people actually listen to, not what people say they listen to. You’re in the bedroom, but Delilah is playing in the den in the basement – … Continue reading

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Pandora’ing “fairness”

Yesterday was much more important to radio than the Fed interest rates. THe copyright royalty Board (CRB) made its decision what the fair amount to pay for playing music is over the Internet for the next 5 years. * Boring … Continue reading

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Real Radio, powered by Pandora!

While snooping around for new streams, I bumped into this station I read about in the Radio Biz press. It is a toss up whether the “establishment” radio hates SiriusXM or Pandora more. In both cases, Real Radio is pushing … Continue reading

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Polka Music 24/7

You demanded it, Radio Northland heard you! Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You already voted!

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New Radio Format – Gay Pride

The new format is listed under the category “Oppressed Voices”, although there is little evidence LGBT people face discrimination in the culture of the United States. LGBT folks have substantially higher incomes than the US average, as they are mostly … Continue reading

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K-Love hits #2 in Denver

For those who don’t know, K-love is a Contemporary Christian music (CCM) service of the non-commercial Educational Media Foundation (EMF). It is targeted primarily at mothers. EMF has another Christian Rock format called Air1, designed to attract angst filled teenagers. … Continue reading

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