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Quebec legislature approves fracking

Sunday, December 11th, 2016

Quebec Paves Way for Oil, Gas Exploration With New Energy Plan

Bloomberg reports:

Quebec’s legislature passed a bill that will pave the way for more oil and gas exploration, providing a boost to drillers such as Junex Inc. while drawing criticism from environmental, aboriginal and citizen groups.

Broad Selloff

Friday, September 9th, 2016

No, not Hugh Hefner or Melania Trump

There have been lingering rumors that Deutsche Bank in Germany is on the verge of collapse. North Korea exploded another nuclear bomb. Hillary has a glint in her ear. The Congress is ready to provoke Saudi Arabia into economic conflict.

Of the 34 individual stocks I own, only one is up as of 11:00. If interest rates shoot up, stocks will go down. The good news is no income tax for this year! đź’¸

Panama Canal update

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

The Panama Canal Authority intended to play it safe for the use of the new expanded locks for the rest of the year, to make sure they were able to get the crews trained and work out any operational snafus.

So now that the story is off the front pages, how is it going? Will containerized freight shipments fall off for railroads inside the United States? Related news stories:

Japanese automobiles arrive in Jacksonville via roll-on roll-off ship that transited the canal
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Seattle preparing for new Roll-on, Roll-off vehicle hauling ships (presumably to/from Europe, or US East Coast)
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First shipment of Liquified Natural Gas reaches China
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Chile to import LNG from US

First NeoPanamax cargo ship arrives in Philadelphia

Iran looking at investing in the mythical Nicaraguan canal
Press TV (Iran news)

Related: Russia to help Iran build mythical canal from Caspian Sea to Persian Gulf
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Aframax and SuezMax oil tankers are being retrofitted to meet NeoPanamax requirements
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First ship damaged by scraping walls
(the lateral forces on a container ship in high winds are incredibly huge!)

South Korean shipper declares bankruptcy, stranding containers
Oregon Live