It’s official – Andrea Tantaros isn’t coming back

It’s been about six months now since Andrea Tantaros quit TRN and filed a lawsuit with a laundry list of complaints, biggest one that TRN had fired all the support staff and ad revenue wasn’t meeting her expetations.

In the interim, Sam Sorbo, who previously had been a weekend host – has been “filling” in for the curiously absent Andrea Tantaros. I changed the listing a while back to indicate that Sam Sorbo was the defacto host on TRN from 9 AM to Noon. TRN has finally made her the dejure host.

The charade went on long enough that most of the affiliates have left. The only stream I know of for sure that carries the show live is CRN Channel 2. It’s hard to do a call in talk show when no affiliates carry the show live. Presumably, the official announcement ends any residual obligation of affiliates to keep carrying the show.

If you have heard the show, Sam’s concept of Conservatism is very much wrapped in her religious belief system. She frequently talks to her weekend cohost and close friend Marius Forte. If you like Mother Angelica reruns or Janet Mefford, she may be your cup of tea.

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8 Responses to It’s official – Andrea Tantaros isn’t coming back

  1. Nidster says:

    Oh, wow!!! I wish someone who hire me to do a show like they did for Andrea, then fire all my support staff, but expect me to ‘carry on’ as if that was nothing. So, is Talk Radio dying or is this just a clever ploy to lull the supporters of the Criminally Insane Regime into a deep slumber? Snowden Knows>

    • Art Stone says:

      I will admit to falling behind in keeping track of things. Phil Hendrie left (Westwood One) on the 14th and I just starting updating schedules.

      The Sam Sorbo show is the proverbial tree falling in the forest. I was mistaken in my original post – her show is gone from CRN as well as all the affiliates I checked. The same is happening to the former Rusty Humphries show. Even the most inattentive program directors are catching on.

      The weekend shows are still relatively intact – watchdog on Wall Street, Monica Crowley, Professor Kaku, not sure about Barry Farber…

  2. I wonder if her faithful advertisers have stayed with her as she moved to weekends only.

  3. Landmark95 says:

    When you’re not getting paid for your work, when all your support staff has left you, and when no one’s listening…Jesus is your program director. I hope Roy can step in and help Sam with all that stress she must be undergoing, now that her brief radio stint has been truncated.

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