America loves sports, but…

Charlotte loves Jesus.

The former home of PTL (Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker) and the Billy Graham freeway, and the Bible Broadcasting Network just can’t get enough Jesus.

If you scan the map, most major streets have a Biblical connection – Providence Road, Sardis Road (that’s the ancient city, not the deli in New York), Carmel Road, Sharon Road – along with the more neutral Independence Boulevard and Freedom Drive.

Today’s news continues a trend that several of the testers have been learning about – colleges are giving up running radio stations and selling them off – mainly to the state’s NPR network or to religious broadcasters.

In this case, EMF (K-Love and Air1) are picking up three FM stations from Columbia Bible School, for a price of $10.5 million. While many commercial stations don’t have enough cash to buy a new stapler, Jesus is rolling in gold.

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