Afternoon Delight

While people are distracted, Cumulus Media announced the post-holiday replacement for Larry Elder on KABC-AM in Los Angeles from 3-6 PM Pacific Time.

Dr Drew Pinsky and a sidekick do a two hour show on Westwood One from 1-3 AM called “Loveline” – the show is about sex and drugs, not love. A typical caller question might be “Hi Dr Drew – my boyfriend wants me to do oral sex on him, but I don’t like the taste. Is there something he could eat or drink ahead of time that would change the flavor?”

The late night show is also being added to 35 Cumulingus Owned and Operated stations, mostly hard rock stations. My guess is Dr Drew was told he could work another 3 hrs a day for free or kiss his Westwood One show goodbye.

I listened to about half an hour of the Tom Leykis podcast last night. He explained that when his non-compete from CBS ran out, the best offer he could get was for 1/9th what CBS had been paying him in Los Angeles.

Welcome to the New Normal.

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  1. A so-called “TV judge” named Cristina Perez has now been added from 9 to noon on KABC. I read a recent article about talk radio that mentioned some major outlets turning to “fluff” — sounds like they could be talking about KABC.

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