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Which brand will your next car be – Apple or Google?

GM has sided with Google. At their developers conference, Google laid out their vision for many things, one of which is Android Auto Working in conjunction with your Android phone, your console can show turn by turn navigation, make phone … Continue reading

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Non-Microsoft streaming

The world of streaming has changed enormously in the 10 years that this website has existed. In 2004, there were only a couple hundred radio stations streaming – now at least two thirds of all radio station stream, along with … Continue reading

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Have you got the time?

I might have written about this before – not sure 🙂 At some point, I was having issues with Windows XP not keeping its time synced. Keeping all of the computers on the Internet agreeing on the precise time is … Continue reading

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Life After Windows

This is a huge signal about the future AMD has announced they’re going to embrace android and build the ecosystem to support Android in tablets not tied to the x86 Intel architecture that underpins Windows

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Keeping linux in the dark

Once upon a time, Microsoft created a great new video / audio streaming plugin called “SIlverlight”. It’s proprietary and Microsoft has lots of lawyers on retainer. About a year ago, I announced I was refusing to support stations that -only- … Continue reading

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