Jim Bohannon gets to sleep late

Jim Bohannon is ending his participation on America in the Morning tomorrow. He will continue to do the Larry King replacement show he inherited on Mutual Broadcasting -> Westwood One -> Cumulus Media.

Dirk Vann just recently retired from doing the overlapping competitor First Light, whose pedigree went back to NBC Radio, but now also owned by Cumulus.

Mary Berner is having her first substantive webcast for employees this afternoon laying out personnel changes and her vision for the future. It’s hard to miss that the executive suite will have many female executives sharing the executive bathroom.

WHAS-AM had a female “rent a host for a day” filling in for Mandy Connell a few days ago. These arrangements are very popular during the Festivus season where a host does a show from their home studio, knowing nothing about the radio station. She went on a screed about how there is a glass ceiling keeping women out of management positions in radio. It amazes me how ignorant people in radio can be about their own business.

Bohannon will be replaced by Jim Trout. Never heard of him? No problem – he’s a TV weatherman trained in Mississippi.

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  1. foyle says:

    You may have seen this but Mandy Connell is taking Mike Rosen’s place on KOA 850 Denver:

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    Mandy indicates on her Facebook page she is also leaving WHAS. 7 hours a day has got to wear you out

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