Saudi Arabia and Turkey ready for war with Russia

Saudi Arabia has moved aircraft to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, near the border with Syria. Saudi Arabia has stated clearly this is to topple Assad. In the event of a shooting war, Turkey has a lot of vulnerabilities, and Saudi Arabia has lots of slightly used military equipment, but few trained troops. Saudi Arabia still hasn’t conquered Yemen, which is right on its border.

So 2009 Nobel Peace Prize committee, how is that Obama prize looking now? China is also clearly making significant signs of preparing for imminent war in the South China Sea.

Back in the Reagan era, the US military was organized to be able to win a two front war – an invasion of Europe by Russia and an invasion of South Korea and/or Taiwan by China at the same time. In 2016, the military is focused on transgender bathrooms on submarines and global climate change.

I bought stock in US Steel (X) yesterday. It is up 14% on no particular news in one day. War is good for business.

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  1. Parrott says:

    Hey, why have a war in Syria ? Hell there is no one there now. Most Syrians have either migrated to Europe, Scandinavian Countries or Canada.
    I just heard on CFMJ Toronto, 2/28/2016 midnight news report that the Canadians now have imported 25k Syrians boys and young adults.

    That Fabio looking dumb-sheet they elected as Prime minister ought to have his butt kicked !
    well I doubt they will be migrating to Calgary.
    I hope a ‘pack’ or ‘swarm’ ( whatever a group is called) move next door to the Bern too.

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