Overheard in Park Ridge

If the name sounds familiar, Park Ridge is the Chicago suburb where a young Hillary Clinton grew up and began to admire Barry Goldwater – before she went off to college and was consumed by the charms of Bill Clinton.

My new supermarket is located in Park Ridge – while walking by the bread aisle, I just happened to hear two random people talking to each other about politics – something people in CT don’t do…. The middle aged man said to the woman… “you know, I’m really starting to believe Romney is going to win this”… “oh really?”

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  1. Nidster says:

    Depending upon the inflection of the woman’s response to the middle aged man it could mean she was registering surprise concerning his inability to factor in the votes that will be cast by: the dead voter’s; the illegals; the absentee votes for “O” stacked up like cord wood in the back-rooms; and other shenanigans employed by the ObamaNation. It’s the ‘Chicago Way’.

    At wrote, “My new supermarket is located in Park Ridge.” Good, hope things are going well and the staff is pleasant towards you.

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