The other shoe drops – Savage lands at Cumulus media

Starting Tuesday, Michael Savage will be heard on Cumulus Media from 9PM to midnight, the time slot currently held by John Batchelor.

Batchelor and Mark Levin were inherited from ABC Radio via The Citadel Acquisition.

Now the questions this provokes:

– is this temporary, with the goal of replacing Mark Levin with Savage?
– what happens with John Batchelor
– will Red Eye Network start an hour earlier?
– TRN is feeding a replay of Rusty Humphries at this time… will they counter with a live show?
– will Savage listeners stay up until midnight?
– will Savage be doing more than two hrs a day, 4 days a week on the days he feels like it?
– will Mike Huckabee and Geraldo become his buddies?

If Cumulus doesn’t keep Batchelor, there is now almost no live competition for Savage:

Jim Bohannon is live, but has a negligible atreaming audience – people at this hour want a soft voice talking about nothing important, not an angry voice screaming at them and making them stimulated. Alan Colmes is on live on Fox Radio – that’s about it.

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9 Responses to The other shoe drops – Savage lands at Cumulus media

  1. Art Stone says:

    It’s worth noting that in winter on AM stations, most AM stations will be on low power for the entire show, even in California.

    On the other hand, Savage might be on ABC’s network of 50 kW clear channel flamethrowers – WABC (New York), KABC(LA.), WLS(Chicago), WJR(Detroit), WBAP/KLIF (Fort Worth), WMAC (Macon Georgia), KCMO (Kansas City), WMAL (Washington DC) – and most importantly to Savage – KGO or KSFO in San Francisco

  2. Will Levin refer to the “Weiner Nation” any more?

    It was always interesting to hear Mark mention Savage on promos for affiliates who carried both of their shows. I’m sure he was gritting his teeth.

    Wonder if Batchelor will get the hour at midnight Eastern before the red-eyed truckers.

    • Art Stone says:

      The press release has Savage saying he is looking forward to being on major market flamethrowers which suggests Batchelor is history. I could see him going the podcast route. He already has that distribution in place and the show has no audience input, so it doesn’t matter when it airs. 6-9 AM is the only hole in the day for Cumulus Talk.

  3. fhiggins says:

    Boy, I was so happy when batchelor came back. But recently, his best segments are with Kudlow. A lot of the rest is a little obscure for me. (I readily admit lacking the depth required to care about alot of his topics nowadays).

    • Art Stone says:

      Likewise – John is doing “things I enjoy talking about” rather than “what do people want to listen to”. Fortunately, rehashing the important battles of the Civil War is a great way to put people to sleep.

  4. HPaws says:

    He’s jus’ a poor humble cowpoke a’battlin cancer with the aid of a few twigs and herbs from his ‘lill filly. Pray to the lill baba jeezhus fer him.

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