Hannity declares war on the Fake Manchurian Conservative on radio

Sean Hannity (the wall banger) announced today he is going to expose Michael Savage’s actual background. Long time readers here know that I’ve said for years Michael Weiner is playing a stereotypical Conservative (from the perspective of a Marin County Berkeley PhD who wanted to be Charles Darwin) and doesn’t have any Conservative bone in his body.

Mark Levin has been very quiet since Savage joined Cumulus, but he will have lots of inside information. I still expect Levin to join Clear Channel as soon as his contracts permit.

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  1. Art Stone says:

    Hannity mentioned that Savage has been cut to two hours – that’s true on WABC and WMAL – I’ve been too busy to see if the 3rd hour is actually live on the other stations

    While I get the Howard Stern vs Opie and Anthony aspect of this feud, Hannity is in his position because he went public with his contempt for the Dickey brothers at Cumulus.

    Savage is already doing the “you listeners are stupid, I don’t want you to call” bully routine.

    Still no players in the Savage over/under implosion prediction?

  2. Art Stone says:

    WJR-AM is not carrying the third hour. Since Detroit has around one million Arabs (not all Muslins) – Savage is no longer listed in the schedule.

  3. MrC_5150 says:

    So, the wall banger re-read the Constitution AND the Declaration of Independence over vacation. I guess he’s the authority on those subjects now. Golly gee willikers. I’ll be sure to tune in now! You bet I will! I can’t take it.

  4. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    I had listened to a few snippets of Savage a week or so ago and he was going on and on about how he was picking up big powerhouse stations from Sean Hannity.

    Reminds me of the Keith Obermann vs Bill O’Reilly feud a few years ago. When Obermann called O’Reilly “the world’s worst person” the gloves came off. O’Reilly slammed Obermann on a personal level in return. Then Obermann criticized Fox News and O Reilly returned to criticize the not only MSNBC but started blasting people at NBC News.

    Obermann upped it another notch by blasting News Corp and Murdoch. Then O’Reilley blasted GE and every night said its executives should be in prison for the felony of trading with the enemy for illegally supplying aircraft engine parts to Iran.

    After that, Obermann was eerily silent.

  5. newhampshiredude1 says:

    Yeah why is Savage no longer listed on the WJR-AM schedule online? He’s still listed in the 11pm-1am slot, where John Batchelor has been airing. Wonder what’s going on.

    I personally like the new Savage show. Yeah he sounds full of himself, but it’s entertaining radio.

    • Art Stone says:

      Cumulus has been very uneven in whether stations have fully updated their schedules

      Mitch Albom was already a fixture on WJR – he’s about as flaming lib as you can get. He shares the show with the obligatory black man and woman to give his show maximum diversity.

      John Batchelor is airing now (12:40 am)

  6. polokfla says:

    To me at least , the Savage shtick has grown very old. He has his entertaining moments, appears to lack a genuine sense of humor and for the most part , is contemptuous of his audience. I can’t see how that can increase listenership.
    I don’t care for Hannity, never really did- but Levin is good. Very good.

  7. Parrott says:

    Yeah, well, I think someone or ‘somebody’ has got to Beck. He is poo-pooing people that don’t like the globalist/Illuminati, military industrial complex and communist Dems in the senate. He has just gone limp since he returned from his vacation.
    No real anything. I bet he doesn’t like Marcus Luttrell anymore. He is not even attacking the fed. He likes tap water fluoride now.
    I think someone scared him like they did Chief Justice John Roberts. His intro even sucks more. But he attacks NYC Mayor Blasio and Likes the teamsters union.
    Beck really backed off criticizing John Coryn.

    • Art Stone says:

      I noticed the same thing today. I don’t know what happened, but something definitely did. I don’ t think it’s pressure from Clear Channel.

      My two leading guesses are his accountant read him the riot act and he’s deeply in debt… Or something really bad is happening in his personal life like his wife is sick or threatened to leave him. Maybe he fell off the booze bandwagon.

      He did mention something about making a resolution to throw out all sugar.

      • Parrott says:

        Ah Ha ! Thank you Art. I am glad it wasn’t just me noticing less bite in Becks bark.
        I heard him say he was going to throw out sugar.
        Yeah he’s advertising some diet again, but this one works, wink wink. The ‘safe’ company is still with him.
        Do you think it has anything to do with Liz Cheney backing away running for senator from Wyoming? Ted Cruz is quiet.
        Glenn couldn’t convince any of the Texas Representatives to run against Senator Cornyn. Those guys knew their place and were not about to step out of line.
        I know the ‘establishment’ is really trying to smack down the tea party conservatives. Maybe the establishment said something to him? A lot of strange stuff going on.
        His radio show was nothing these last two days, that’s for sure.

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        Beck it a bright man… he reinvents himself like a Madonna.

        • Nidster says:

          When you see the Establishment doing ‘irrational’ stuff, and the names mentioned above begin ‘toning-down’ their rhetoric you should expect the worst. I’m hanging in for the results of the 2014 – 2016 elections to see if there is any chance of a turn-around. After that…….well, has anyone discovered a good place to bug-out and get out of the way before things really falls apart? I’ve got a few places in mind, but staying on the move might be the best strategy.

  8. HPaws says:

    Yesterday I canceled my auto-renew on the blaze TV. I haven’t watched more than 3 hours of programming. I just don’t have any time – at the end of the night to unwind I’ll read or watch something like Foyle’s War on Netflix – no cable here. I got this app with a phenomenal number of sound effects from ocean to white noise and other things. Just amazing.

    I can’t help but wonder what happened to the Millerites after the Lord didn’t return, or the Luddites after progress continued unabated. Is that the way of the Beckites. His zealotry has lost it’s zeal. I got caught up in it – I have some MREs and other supplies and I feel a little foolish. I spoke with smarter people than myself (not a high bar) and they don’t see calamity on the horizon. The dreams of a coup are gone, the Pentagon paperclip counters are more interested in post-retirement employment with contractors and cutting grunt benefits than the people or the constitution. They are playing dress up and lip service. If the economic engine is not reignited as quickly as possible after this piece of garbage in the White House then a slow decent to the status of second world is probable.

    Beck gets to cutesy with the teases and I don’t have time for Stewie and the other guy.

    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      Beck should get Snerdly and have him badmouth Rush for ratings. It would work tlike a “Ron and Sliwa” show.

      • Art Stone says:

        I’m going to assume that is a reference to James Golden, the “official show observer” for Rush. For those who didn’t live in New York (or were odd AM DXers like me), James did a show with another guy called “The James and Joel Show” on WABC. This was just as the pioneers were experimenting with streaming radio.

        James foolishly left Rush to join an Internet bubble thing streaming talk shows on the Internet. There is no business model in the world (other than porn) where you can make a living in a chat room with 10 people. After it folded, Rush hired James back.

        They clearly have a deep friendship, but if anyone knows Rush’s deep dark secrets, it is James. I think part of the reason Snerdly is there is to shock liberal callers when the call screener turns out to have a deep voice obviously belonging to a black man.

        I don’t know if Snerdly does the screening any more. I’ve lamented the fact that Rush hasn’t used the EIB brand and used his clout to launch “the next generation” like James Golden…

        • Nidster says:

          All really interesting. But on the subject of “the next generation”, a couple of guys who are perfectly able to step into the spotlight of talk radio would be Dan Bongino former Secret Service agent and Buck Sexton former CIA officer.

    • Parrott says:

      Yeah, pretty good analysis Hpaws. I admit being swept up in the Beck warnings of economy crash and such. That ‘was ‘ his bread and butter. When he preaches that Hindenberg chart stuff and has his Brad Thor friends on, he was kicking ass in ratings on Fox.
      I haven’t watched him since. He likes his history books and stories and all his collectables now. I did purchase Glenns book last year on arguing against gun ‘control’ and second amendment rights. Glenn never did call a false flag on Sandy hook like Alex did. Alex is still full bore, but like you said (zeal) Glenn is fading some.
      yeah something is up.

      • Art Stone says:

        Part of why that happened is Beck for a brief time really liked Ron Paul – then he realized that Ron Paul and Alex Jones agreed about 9/11 being very different than the official government explanation.

        A lot of his direction for a while was being controlled by two guys – one obsessed with proving that “United States is a Christian Nation” and the other saying that if you are a Christian and don’t wear a lapel pin with the flag representeting Israel, you’re anti Jewish.

        An (ex) drunk and drug user is an empty vessel waiting to be filled by whatever comes along. I was living in the New Haven area when he started doing talk before getting the network job.

        I admire him a lot – he started with very little awareness of history and politics and has come a long way. What grates on me is Pat Gray, the stereotypical dumbass Texan who wants to go back to the days of public school teachers teaching the 10 commandments and teaching bible stories.

    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      Newsflash: “Blaze ‘fired’ by HPaws” 🙂

    • foyle says:

      Quote from HPaws:
      “I just don’t have any time – at the end of the night to unwind I’ll read or watch something like Foyle’s War on Netflix – no cable here.”

      ha ha! As Curly Howard of the 3 Stooges would say “I resemble that remark!”

  9. Parrott says:

    >”Playboy destroyed many marriages. Hugh Hefner is the devil ”

    LOL I hate I missed this ‘Savage’ discussion yesterday !
    Hmmm, I feel like some ‘double-mint’ gum.

    • Art Stone says:

      If Hugh Hefner is the literal devil, what is youporn?

      Savage’s wife works with his son at the Rockstar Energy Drink company (Savage/Weiner created the formula for the energy drink). Other than when Savage was in the hospital, Mrs S. (or Mrs W.) is almost never mentioned. Savage lives by himself with his dog Teddy. He doesn’t seem to have anything close to a normal marriage.

      Two callers in a row started by asking him how he is… He didn’t scream at them, but he was clearly agitated and probably yelling at the call screener off the air for not properly explaining the “rules” when you approach Dr Savage.

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