Streaming Radio – the Next Generation

A visitor pointed out a change to Salem Radio that I just incorporated into the web site.

As I wrote in the past, the revenue stream of Salem has been migrating from ad revenue on over the air stations to selling subscriptions to and selling books. The change is that Salem is now streaming its talk syndicated programs free 24/7 for every host. I’ve added all of them, and “featured” them for the next week to make this change more visible.

This is similar to what Glenn Beck did a couple years ago, making his show available free with the 3 hour show in a loop, so you can listen whenever you want (Time Shifting). Note this is still not podcasting, where you can listen to the program when and where you want (often with no commercials) and have the ability to skip or fast forward through things you are not interested in.

You might think radio stations would resent their syndicator (and the hosts) directing people to listen over the Internet instead of their local radio stations – in the case of Salem, most of their affiliates are Salem Owned and Operated (O&O) stations. Those independent stations carrying Salem’s programming don’t have a lot of choice in the matter.

If you’re aware of other over the air radio syndicated shows that offer free streaming, let me know and I’ll look at adding them. I’ve considered the idea in the past to drop individual stations from the directory where the syndicator streams the same show for free during the same hours (or 24×7) (ESPN comes to mind). That would greatly cut down on the testing load.

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  1. Parrott says:

    Oh I remembered why I didn’t listen to WIND, F-ing PSA’s !

    On a positive note, you fixed something on the ‘Radio shows on air.php ‘ page. It is sorting by popularity once again. I was going to mention it, but it’s working like a champ this morning. Good Job !

    • Art Stone says:

      I noticed several problems over the weekend, but didn’t fix them. The most surprising was – if you click the check box to turn off “full details” (which mostly suppresses the program descriptions), the sort by drop down listbox isn’t populated. A few of the links for statistics just return a blank page which means I probably broke them about two years ago and nobody has noticed and/or complained.

  2. Parrott says:

    Hey Art: I was listening to ‘Big John & Amy’ this morning on WIND Chicago. On the intro, they said ‘Big John was tired of spinning country music and joined up with Amy for the premier morning show’.
    There was a ‘Big John’ in Charlotte in the 90’s on morning Country drive time. Several stations here in Virginia carried Big John & ‘I cannot remember the other guy’. I remember they said they were in Charlotte. He sounds too normal to be in Chicago.
    I bet it was him, cause he is using country bumper music. Carrie Underwood just now.
    You may not know since you were not in that ‘dump’ called Charlotte in the 90’s.
    ‘Dump’ descriptive was used to throw immigrants of the scent : )

    • Art Stone says:

      But I was in Chicago. Don Wade getting sick and dying and Jake Hartford dying suddenly took the wind out of my sails of one of the reasons to move back to Chicago. I stopped listening to radio when driving in the car (and nothing else like music to replace it). Instead I just focused on driving and noticing the world around me.

      One interesting thing about Charlotte is within 30 seconds of meeting a stranger, the question “where are you from?” comes up, since almost nobody is “from” Charlotte. Very few people here now know the Charlotte I remember from the 1970s. South Charlotte has many of the same things that caused me to leave Connecticut. Just as small example was a woman in the Harris Teeter who was in a tizzy and making a fuss at an emploee because she couldn’t find some “organic” product (oatmeal?).

      Harris Teeter had been in the news back in the 1970s a lot because the family that owned the chain were not ashamed of their Christian values (like Chick Fil A) and refused to sell beer or wine, despite it being profitable. I think they were also targeted by the TV and Newspaper for opposing attempts at unionization.

      According to a recent survey, Charlotte is the 6th most Bible friendly city in the United States. Most non-chain restaurants are closed on Sunday. Many of the main streets are named after Biblical locations.

    • Art Stone says:

      Different guy. John Howell is from West Michigan and moved across the lake to Chicago 20 years ago.

      He’s a classic radio guy who will play the role he is hired to portray. The above story mentions that he was the cohost with Stephanie Miller back in the Air America days (Stephanie has always worked for Jones/Dial Global) and was not part of Air America, although her show was carried by the air America branded stations.

      One total shock to me was when I moved to Lansing Michigan in 1982 – as I was arriving in town, I turned the FM dial and probably half the stations were blaring Country music. The Great Northern Migration of people from the South after World War One to work in the car factories up north lingers on.

  3. Parrott says:

    > “Limbaugh-to-Medved: KTTH ” God that is a roll of the dice !

    CC, start using the links : ) ! We don’t want Art going away !
    SRG is my ‘Homepage’ ,
    I dated a girl named Katie once. Thanks for the memories.

    • Art Stone says:

      KTTH is owned by Bonneville, which is owned by the Mormon Church and run from Salt Lake City. They sold off their stations East of the Mississippi a few years ago – most notably WTOP-AM in DC, one of the top 3 highest billing radio stations in the country. Their mix of programs is very eclectic. John Gibson, Clyde Lewis, etc

      What I would appreciate even more is people setting show topics. Since they show dates, having a show topic from 10 weeks ago makes the site look inactive.

  4. HPaws says:

    Yes, thanks – just heard Joe Piscapo introduce Sid on a Philadelphia WPHT, happier than a Chef in escargot…. thanks.

  5. HPaws says:

    If anybody knows Sid Mark I would pay 20+ dollars a month to hear the Sounds of Sinatra with original commentary off of a web site, I’d buy CDs too. That’s a no brainier. Sadly, the pool of potential subscribers is a shrinking number, probably. Pandora was ok for awhile, I just went back to my own playlist off an old MacBook Pro I use as a jukebox.

  6. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    I understand why you’d want to do that, but it would negate much of the reason I use the site. I use it because both my Internet radio devices and my pc-based players allow me to have “preset” stations but only a limited number of presets. Therefore I look for stations that have many of my favorite shows, but in different timeslots. For example, I have one present that streams John Batchelor after 1 AM ET and another in the normal time slot. Many stream in the normal time slot, so I picked one that has other programs I like.

    One useful feature in years past was using SRG to find the one needle in the haystack that carried Rush from Noon-3 PM ET but did NOT have Hannity at 3 PM. That station was one of my favorites!

    • Landmark95 says:

      For those of us who like RUSH, but are still allergic to that Republican Mouthpiece Extraordinaire: Sean Hannity, here are some bypass stations, to keep you from lunging toward your streaming device everyday at 3pm eastern:

      KMAJ: Ingraham/Limbaugh/Savage/PhilValentine/Batchelor
      WCOA: Beck/Limbaugh/Savage/Levin/Batchelor/RedEye
      WLWI: Limbaugh/Savage/Levin/Batchelor
      WALG: Cain/Limbaugh/Savage/Levin/Batchelor
      WGOW: Limbaugh/Savage/Levin/Doyle/Batchelor
      WFNC: Limbaugh/Savage/Valentine/Levin/Batchelor
      KFAY: Limbaugh/Savage/Levin/Valentine

      Limbaugh-to-Medved: KTTH

      Limbaugh (Delayed): WISN, KENI, KFBX, WJAG.

      Some Other Strong Lineups:
      KNZZ: Bennett/Beck/Limbaugh/Hannity/Levin/Savage
      WNTP: Bennett/Gallagher/Prager/Medved/Levin/Hewitt/Miller/Deace
      WWTC: Bennett/Gallagher/Prager/Medved/Hewitt/Miller/Levin
      WOGO: Bennett/Ingraham
      KKFT: Bennett/Ingraham/Miller/ToddSchnitt
      WAAM: Bennett/Beck/Ingraham
      WILS: Ingraham/Beck/Hannity
      WMYT: Beck/Ingraham/Hannity
      WTRW: Beck/Ingraham/Hannity/Levin/Batchelor/RedEye
      KMZE: Ingraham/Limbaugh/Hannity
      KGED: Ingraham/Prager/Medved/Hewitt/Gallagher
      WRNN: Ingraham(Last2)/Limbaugh/Hannity/Levin/Savage
      WEEB: Beck/Limbaugh/Hannity/Levin/Miller
      WMMB: Beck/Limbaugh/Hannity/Levin/AndyDean
      WFLA: Beck/Limbaugh/Hannity/ToddSchnitt/Levin/GZero/C2C
      KCSJ: Beck/Limbaugh/Hannity/AndyDean/Miller
      KPSI: Beck/Limbaugh/Miller/Prager/Levin/Savage
      WFVA: Beck/Miller/Savage/Levin/Ingraham
      WROK: Limbaugh/Hannity/Levin/Hedgecock
      KNSS: Cain/Limbaugh/Hannity/Levin/Batchelor

      There are others, but among the 27 full lineups listed, the top 14 weekday hosts streamed on this site for the week of Jan. 23rd are covered. If there was a link on this site for “Most Popular Stations”, where casual listeners and visitors to this site could click on – to find their favorite lineups like these, then these stations would carry at least 85% of the Conservative Talk Radio category – for there would be few others needed, when you can choose the shows you prefer in succession.

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        Awesome. Suggest a poll – How many people here would find it useful to be able to do a dynamic search to specify a string of 2 or 3 shows and get a search result that shows the stations that have the shows on in that order?

        I can do it from SRG, but it is a very manual and labor intensive process. I think most users would like that, but I could be wrong.

        • Art Stone says:

          In Findanisp, I had a function where you could put in two phone numbers (like snowbirds that go South in the winter) or people with a weekend house and it would find ISPs that had a local access number in both places.

          This site is not intended to do reasearch for people in the radio business although I’m sure a program director here and there probably does look at things others are doing.

          That first list could be found in a few seconds by going to the station list and selecting Owner = Cumulus and Carries Rush Limbaugh. There is also a not option – like Clear Channel News/Talk stations that don’t carry Rush

      • Art Stone says:

        Try this

        It isn’t as clear cut as you might hope – program formats and station formats don’t map one to one. My favorite example is Don Imus – he appears on several sports stations and people generally seem confused by a liberal who likes guns and lives on a ranch

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