Did Cumulus buy Westwood One to kill it?

Westwood One (including Dial Global) felt the wrath of the Dickey brothers yesterday, and the axe continues to swing today. Westwood One + Dial Global was a large portion of the national radio programming not owned by Clear Channel or Cumulus:

– radio rights to NCAA sports
– radio rights to NFL national games, including playoffs and the Super Bowl (the Big Game whose name may not be mentioned)
– the former Jones Radio Progressive talk shows
– Cox radio syndication (Herman Cain & Clark Howard)
– Dennis Miller
– NBC Radio (Dirk Van), NBC Radio News, NBC Sports Talk
– Jim Bohannon (at night, America in the morning)
– a number of satellite delivered music formats
– various short features like the Osgood files

The initial reports are that the sales people at Westwood One took the first hit – two days before the Big Game for which they surely earned large commissions that probably haven’t been paid yet.

It’s sad to see something that was an important part of your life dying. Meanwhile, the FCC wants to save AM radio by further diluting the FM radio audience.

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  1. TheChairman says:

    “…an important part of your life dying.”

    Sounds more like a gangland execution.

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