KTLK-AM’s ratings up 400% due to Rush Limbaugh!


If you want an example of newspaper constructing a narrative that is fact free, there you go.

The reporter started with the conclusion “Rush left KFI-AM and nobody followed him to KTLK-AM!” (now KEIB). What they didn’t know because they don’t listen to the radio and didn’t do research – like talking to KFI – was that Rush continued to be heard on KFI as a KFI/KEIB simulcast most of the month. That’s why KFI’s ratings didn’t plummet.

However, over at KTLK/KEIB, the share went from the 0.1% share under “progressive” talk to 0.4% – rush is only on 3 hours a day. In addition, Salem’s KTIE in San Bernadino picked up Rush Limbagh [sic], even if they can’t spell his name correctly on their web site. Salem doesn’t subscribe to Nielsen Audio (formerly known as Arbitron) so their audience numbers are not public.

The LA Times printed a correction online. Rush doesn’t like to talk about himself or ratings, but this may get his attention.

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  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    KEIB … gotta love it.

  2. This post is tangentially related to this thread.

    Recently, the iHeart player as linked from an SRG station listing puts whatever iHeart station I’ve most recently listened to in a box near the top of the player and the station I’m trying to hear in a big box below it with a play button. Neither station starts playing automatically.

    And iHeart continues to tell me that it doesn’t like my browser, which is the most recent Internet Explorer allowed by my operating system — an operating system with a huge installed base around the world.

    • Art Stone says:

      We’re in the same boat. I have the general desire to fire off a note “Sorry, but I don’t support a web site that doesn’t support my browser”. The amount of crap Facebook is loading is getting unbearable. You’re probably read / heard that Facebook is reporting back your cursor movements and key strokes back to the mother ship. That’s probably true. I suspect these compatibility notices are due in part to people wanting to move to HTML5, which I know very little about.

      If I ran Microsoft, I would see things as a concerted effort – especially by Google – to engage in anticompetitive behaviors by disparaging the Microsoft browser. Time for a dog eat dog law!

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