Is Alex Jones right about 9/11?

It troubles me greatly when the distance between theories of Alex Jones and the facts begin to narrow.

His basic premise is that the US Government was involved with bin Laden and aware of the 9/11 attack ahead of time and framed it to anyone in law enforcement who might stumble on it to not worry, it was a training exercise. The goal was to scare the American Public into giving up their freedom and accept a police state.

The Washington Times – not a likely source for this story – reports the FBI had a human source inside of bin Ladin’s inner circle since 1993 and knew that Al Qaeda was planning terror attacks on the United Stares.

The single most troubling thing that bothered me about 9/11 was that within a day, the NY Times published the names and photographs of the 19 hijackers. To gather that information that fast – especially the photos – says the government knew quite a bit. Add to that the improbable immediate discovery of the leaders passport among the rubble of the World Trade Center

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  1. Nidster says:

    Much could be said about 911 and additional info is out there. My take is the ‘rogue’ elements inside the government/intelligence/military/industrial complex was, and is, behind much of the bad stuff going on in the world. The major powers are locked in a struggle for control, and it has been that way for a long, long, long, long time. OK, just how long? Ever heard of the “Cosmic War”? It’s all written down on clay tablets, and not on paper, which means it was not edited. Basically you could say it is between two competing factions, or perhaps more accurate would be to say it is between 2 families. One is the ‘good’ family, and the other is the ‘bad’ family.

    I’ve said many times here and in other venues, the 1st ME inspired terror attacks occurred during the Clinton Regime, aka the Oklahoma City bombing, the 1st bombing in the World Trade Tower’s basement parking levels, etc…..

    Sure, it was a planned attack, and planned by more than just a few terrorist from the ME. There is so much out there that is so easily explained by coming to the short and inescapable conclusion that conspiracies are swirling all around us, we would be utter fools to deny no conspiracies are afoot.

  2. fhiggins says:

    The very same thing has always bothered me. Nevermind about building 7, etc, but how DID they identify these 19 so quickly. I mentioned Jack Blood to you several months ago. He has an “alternative” radio show on the micro effect internet network now. He used to be a substitute host for AJ back in the day and is one of the original 911 truthers.
    Worth checking out.

  3. Parrott says:

    This –>”we would be utter fools to deny no conspiracies are afoot.”

    Sometimes you can see ‘revisionist history’. This is not it. My Grandfather always said the Warren commission was a load of crap. I agree.
    Something is definitely squirrelly about Sandy hook and that ol’ boy in Colorado with the pink hair that shot up the movie theater.
    I think there was cover up about TWA flight 800 ‘shot’ down off Long Island. But that’s just me
    With the 19 hijackers, wasn’t there an FBI agent that had received a call about muzzies taking flying lessons and was looking into it but she was flagged off or something? I seem to remember something like that. I don’t remember exactly, and it was so long ago.
    Anyhoo, TSA and ‘Homeland’ security really popped up quickly.
    Did anyone see anything MORE, than smoking dirt in Shanksville PA ? A wheel? Strut ?
    I have people I work with, (my supervisor) who laps up whatever pablum is put out by .Gov and Scott Pelly. They do not tell all of the story. Thats for sure.

  4. TheChairman says:

    Alex is more right than wrong… (but he is a diversion/disinformation tool as well)

    Most ‘good citizens’ think otherwise, but how can they -still- accept the “official” lie? Especially with the ceaseless encroachment perpetrated via DHS, TSA, NSA, etal… which have nothing to do with keeping you safe, but everything to do with control. A more accurate term is ‘trauma based mind-control’… i.e. the nation was traumatized into a collective shock, and open to suggestion (e.g. Sandy Hook).

    Note how it was good to be ‘patriotic’ on 9/12/2001, but it’s bad to be patriotic now?

    To me, it was evident that same day (9/11/01) that it was ‘allowed’ to happen… but I soon decided it wasn’t worth wasting (risking?) my efforts to discuss it with anybody who believed it was all perpetrated by 19 Arabs whom were identified in < 18 hours.

    I heard the initial reports via radio (having banished TV from my house in 1995) and didn't see video footage of the 'attack' & demolition until a few hours later in the day.

    The mainstream media had been hyping a 'threat' from bin Laden for several weeks. I took my final plane flight 10 days before the time frame which the MSM stated Bin Laden had warned of an imminent event in which "the US will provide the weapons".

    A news reporter found him, but the CIA couldn't?

    Demolition style collapse and buildings 7 & 6 aside; Silverstein had just recently purchased WTC, he got a -double- claim on insurance… there is a lot more to it.

    What nobody ever mentions –besides me, it seems– is the selection of politicians who were facing recall on that particular date (it was a Tuesday).

    John MCCAIN was being recalled here in Arizona on 9/11/2001. Voting was halted and the recall suspended (he was losing early on). The vote was never rescheduled.

    Then there’s: Gary Condit, Chandra Levy’s death, and strange connections to 9/11

    Two words define the tactics of the Media-Government Complex: Reichstag Fire

    P.s. I’m sure there are enough keywords in this post to invite intercept by NSA…

    • Art Stone says:

      9/11 was mayoral election day in New York City – I don’t draw any significance to that beyond it meant a lot of city employees were tied up with the election.

      I made people a little nervous at NASDAQ as I was challenging the actual ability of the disaster recovery plan to work – things like pointing out that there was an assumption that key technical people would still be alive and that it would be possible to hop on a plane in Connecticut with computer tapes and be in Washington DC in a few hours. I specifically had in mind payback for our involvement in Iraq.

      Two weeks before 9/11, NASDAQ had every member of management (and me, for some reason) spend two entire days in the Windows on the World restaurant in the North Tower of the World Trade Center. We were generally discussing the strategic future of NASDAQ in a global trading world. If I at times seem like I don’t fear death, the last 12 years have been extra innings.

      I very clearly remember Matt Drudge gaining much public support against the deployment of cameras as part of a security state developing – face recognition, downtown business areas covered with cameras and speaker systems to order you to follow instructions remotely, traffic cameras quietly going up on the Interstate highway system in cities. The opposition to those things imploded overnight. We used to joke about the NSA listening in on domestic phone calls looking for sensitive words to flag people for investigation. It’s pretty clear now that’s not far from reality.

  5. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    9/11 would not have happened without April Glaspie… you connect the dots

  6. Back in 2000, a local radio host in St. Paul, MN (Bob Davis on KSTP-AM) was talking about Bin Laden and his threats to carry out terrorism on the US. I listened to his show every night and remember it vividly. The US government had to know what was going on, there’s just no way around it. Even if they didn’t, they seem to have gone out of their way to obfuscate the details. I’d sure love to see that camera footage of the crash from outside the Pentagon. Anyone?

    • Art Stone says:

      Ah, there is where Alex Jones blows his credibility. He has this narrative that there was no airplane, that it was actually a missile – based on an eyewitness account saying the thing that hit the Pentagon “came in low like a missile”. But in the unedited call, the caller (Tim Timmerman, an airline pilot) clearly identifies it as a 757 and even has the detail that the logo on the airplane’s tail looked like it was an American Airlines plane. The person is not an anonymous nobody who vanished into the crowd. He’s been interviewed since and reiterated his eyewitness account that it was a large plane, not a “missile”.

      Confronted with solid proof that his theory is wrong, Alex Jones will not back down. He just digs in deeper and makes the conspiracy more and more elaborate.

      There is no video – there is a sequence of pictures from a camera on a security gate that took one frame every few seconds that show the before and after and the people reacting to what just happened. The plane only appears in one frame and is little more than a blur in the distance.

      One thing I always found interesting while living in Connecticut was how the people in New York City forget that the Pentagon was attacked and the White House or Capital building was the target of the 4th airplane.

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