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2:20 PM on Wednesday

If you want to catch the United States off guard, that would be the time to do something. You may remember earlier in the Obama years, FEMA and the FCC conducted a mandatory test of the national Emergency Alert System. … Continue reading

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Encryption wars

Yesterday, I was listening to a replay of John Gibson as he was talking to Judge Nepalitano about terrorism and whether Apple and Google should be forced to put a back door into its phones and tablets. This was done … Continue reading

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What secret is worth $100k a month?

Former Republican Speaker of the house Denny Hastert has been indicted by a Federal Grand Jury. He was caught in a net of his own making, and my sympathy for him is very limited. I know I’m in a small … Continue reading

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Apple flavor M&Ms

Starting next year, ESPN’s Mike and Mike will be moving to New York City to be close to their buddies at ABC TV (Disney owns both ABC TV and ESPN). They currently roll out of bed in Connecticut and head … Continue reading

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