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Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartmann have a new boss.

inside Radio

It’s convoluted and I don’t really follow it. They were originally working for Jones Radio, which was acquired by Dial Global, which merged with Westwood One, which was acquired by Cumulus Media. Their programming was done by WYD Media

Some of the progressive folks at Dial Global took over production in their own company at which point probably Westwood One’s role was renting satellite time and staffing the operations center.

With the reliability of Internet access these days, Cumulus is probably adding little value to the syndication. Cumulus itself doesn’t carry the programs on its own stations.

Ed Shultz and Mike Smerconish don’t even do syndicated radio any more. Smerconish is doing a weekend show on CNN and appears on the “non-partisan” POTUS Obama channel on SiriusXM.

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