The case for GMOs

Vitamin A deficiency kills a lot of children, and leaves much of the developing world with night blindness. I have night blindness, which may or may not be caused by Vitamin A Deficiency. (VAD) the list of foods that contain Vitamin A are mostly not on my diet list.

This is not a medical advice web site. When in doubt, do your own research. Vitamin A is stored in the liver (mostly). Getting too much Vitamin A can cause liver damage and osteoporosis. The largest readily available sources of “preformed” vitamin A is – Liver. Beef Liver, Chicken Livers, cod liver oil (yuck!). Beta carotene in vegetables (Dandelion greens, Spinach, kale, carrots, sweet potatoes) is a vitamin A precursor that your body will gladly convert to real A – but only if your body needs it and your fat absorption is not broken. The only consequence of too much beta carotene from Carrots is you start looking like Homer Simpson. Milk, Eggs and cheese also contain A in small quantities.

Poor people in vegetarian countries (and stupid vegans in rich countries) wind up with VAD which results in weak immune systems, damage to the eyes, and impairment of the DNA copying mechanism needed to replace old cells with new.

The UN estimates around 500,000 children a year die from VAD. A number of years ago, a company uses GMO to splice carotene production into rice, creating a plant called Golden Rice. Eating this type of rice provides all the necessary beta carotene at around one cup a day. For farmers making less than $10k a year, they are free to replant the GMO seeds without paying patent royalties.

So next time you are accused of being “anti-science”, ask your Progressive friends why they want to kill millions of children by denying them access to Golden Rice.

Golden Rice Project

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