Saudi Arabia and the Three Generation Rule

In Saudi Arabia, women are property, have no right to vote, and are not allowed to drive. The country is officially 100% Muslim as not being Muslim is a capital offense. There are no elections. There is no Democracy or even a process that looks like representative government. There is some reason to believe the 9/11 attack was funded and directed by someone within the Saudi Royal family. People are executed by cutting off their heads as public entertainment with only the pretense of a trial.

What is the difference between a Dictator and a King? As in Libya, Egypt, Syria and Iraq? The answer seems to be simply that if you were a friend of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, you were a dictator, if you were an ally of United States, you are a King.

Saudi Arabia was a creation of Western oil companies that wanted to acquire cheap oil from the area and then later keep it off the global markets when the huge size of the deposits was realized. OPEC was formed in 1960 (and meets in Europe) to encourage countries like Saudi Arabia to coordinate in withholding supply and conspiring to manipulate oil prices.

To recap, the three generation rule is close to universal throughout human history. It starts with the founder who is smart, clever or lucky – and accumulates huge wealth and power during their life. Generation 2 inherits the wealth and power and generally muddles their way through life. They remember Dad and try to be like him, in part because the people who knew Dad would say “if your dad were alive, he would have…”. Generation 3 didn’t know Generation 1, were not living with Generation 1 when Dad was working 80 hours a week and living on Macaroni and Cheese. They grew up wealthy, attend the best schools, face no expectation that they are supposed to work, and entitlement to their social status. They become drunks, drug abusers, gambling addicts and skirt chasers. As generation two dies away, the empire realizes there is no member of the third generation capable and willing to be the new leader and the empire falls apart.

King Abdulaziz was generation 1 – the British were busy “organizing” the Middle East and needed a formal government with which to obtain drilling “rights” under favorable terms, so Abdulaziz served that role. In short order, massive oil finds were then “discovered”.

He died in 1953, leaving behind 27 wives and at least 45 sons, creating a more complex version of the three generation rule. As members of generation two have died, rule has passed from son to son rather than to generation Three.

The current King is the last plausible son in Generation Two. He has been king since 2005 and is in his late 80s. Because he has lived so long, he is outliving his sons – the Crown Prince who was to take over for generation Three just died, leaving no obvious successor when the current King dies.

Rivalries within the Saudi Royal family over who is going to control the future of the country’s wealth, control of the holy cities of Islam, and the degree to which various potential leaders disagree about Israel and “the Jews that run America” (in their minds) are a pretty clear motive for the 9/11 attack – but don’t look for Fox News to being doing a story on that.

In the mean time, while this is sorted out, please let the TSA disassemble your electric razor, grope your wife and check your son’s genitals for explosive devices on that plane flight from Kansas City to Denver. We are the problem here, after all.

Mitt Romney – do you support US Military intervention to overthrow the dictator of Saudi Arabia and his family and work for the breakup of OPEC?

Now that would take a brave leader. Is that you?

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  1. JayMar says:

    Unfortunately, Mitt is not that strong. Mitt is just Obama Lite. The same comparison applies between a Fundamental and a Moderate Muslim. The Fundamental wants to behead you NOW! while the Moderate can wait till tomorrow. Our nation will never survive.

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