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John B Wells update

While listening to a station carrying Thom Hartmann, there was a promo that the station (KMAS-AM/FM) is carrying John B Wells from 1-4 AM (Pacific time – 4-7 AM Eastern) Many of you may remember that John B Wells did … Continue reading

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Randall Bloomquist has had enough

Randall Bloomquist is a radio consultant type guy. I don’t know much about him other than a vague memory of reading something he wrote and not thinking much of it – it was a lot of spin that was fact … Continue reading

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Darryl Parks on the death of syndicated talk To appreciate the significance of this, you need to know who he is. Clear Channel (now iHeart) has one news/talk station that is very different than the rest. While most Clear Channel stations news talk stations are drifting down … Continue reading

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What if Premiere Radio shuts down?

Bob Pittman, who runs Clear Channel, is a lifelong major donor to Democratic candidates. He would like few things more than being the guy who “got” Rush Limbaugh off the air – if he can convince the investment bankers who … Continue reading

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The new digital guy at Clear Channel on the future of Talk Radio Rush, Beck, and Hannity aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. That’s hard to argue with

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WPGB-FM in Pittsburgh gives Rush Limbaugh his Freedom

You might remember WPGB-FM as the flagship of the Quinn & Rose show. It was one of the pioneers in putting Conservative News/Talk on FM to see if young people would listen to Rush Limbaugh – calling young women sluts … Continue reading

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New Generation of Talk

This might suggest what Clear Channel thinks the Post-Limbaugh era will look like. Today, Clear Channel “flipped” KOY-AM in Phoenix from the useless “Business Talk” to “KFI-2”, the “Next Generation of Talk” [KFI is the Los Angeles station] LA hosts … Continue reading

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Andy Dean turns in his notice

Donald Trump’s business associate and aspiring radio host has told Premiere Radio he’s had enough. His last show will on August 8, and at least temporarily he will be replaced by Joe Pags. The 6-9 PM Eastern time slot on … Continue reading

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How the Internet is changing the world

Tom Taylor’s newsletter today is full of interesting news – advertising money is quickly moving to target mobile users, with people spending almost 3 hrs/day on Facebook – radio people think web advertisers are inflating their numbers by counting fake … Continue reading

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Randi Rhodes leaves syndication

Today is the last day Randi Rhodes will be heard on Premiere radio. Randi wound up working for the “evil” Clear Channel after the failure of Air America and the “progressive” Novo M network in Phoenix. Coinciding with her leaving, … Continue reading

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