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Jim Bohannon gets to sleep late

Jim Bohannon is ending his participation on America in the Morning tomorrow. He will continue to do the Larry King replacement show he inherited on Mutual Broadcasting -> Westwood One -> Cumulus Media. Dirk Vann just recently retired from doing … Continue reading

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Geraldo declares war on Cumulus

Facebook Rant At least at the moment, his local show has not been removed from the WABC web site

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The End for Rdio

One of the last major decisions of the Dickey brothers at Cumulus was an agreement to switch their online streaming to Rdio. The announcement came out of nowhere and the sudden conversion of the Cumulus websites went poorly – the … Continue reading

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Cumulus writes off $542 million…

Well, Mary Berner had her day in the sun Thursday. The company wrote off $542.2 million in worthless investments – RDIO and Westwood One. The company’s total market capitalization is down to about $50 million. Turnover is 48%. Sales are … Continue reading

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Thursday is Cumulus Drop Dead Day

Thursday will be the first official earnings call by new Cumulus CEO Mary Berner. While she has no responsibility for those numbers, it is publicly laying out the playing field. The listeners on that call will be people with a … Continue reading

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What if Carlos Slim bought Cumulus?

Carlos Slim is one of the richest men in the world. He is a citizen of Mexico, a country that has worked hard to buy up control of US radio and TV stations for unknown(!) reasons. An FCC rule originally … Continue reading

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Don Imus bells the cat

Don Imus doesn’t have a lot to lose – he has prostate cancer, in case you hadn’t heard. Don Imus has been around in radio forever – he was working at WNBC-AM in New York when a young buck in … Continue reading

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Caption Contest

KABC-AM is located in a really seedy neighborhood. The property value is related to being right at a stop on the light rail line – perfect for shopping or high density condo developments. So what are these guys up to? … Continue reading

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New Cumulus Era begins

Mary G Berner officially spoke to the troops today, introducing herself as the new boss. Inside Radio Radio Ink (The Publisher of Radio Ink has gone way out of his way to cast venom on anyone who thinks the Dickeys … Continue reading

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The Demise of WMAL-AM in Washington DC

Cumulus shopped around and realized the land underneath the WMAL tower was a lot more valuable than the license. The same is true of KABC in Los Angeles. First a map: This is the tower farm west of Bethesda, MD … Continue reading

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