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Dave Ramsey – are you Sirius?

Yes, as of Monday. Typically, the local partner of Ramsey in a city arranges the local radio affiliation, making it worthwhile for the station. Ramsey going National is undercutting those relationships. If he frequently touts SiriusXM, local stations will become … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck booted from SiriusXM

CNN coverage Glenn’s program crossed over the line last week when guest Brad Thor sort of encouraged someone to maybe assassinate Donald Trump. It went far enough in the Glenn Beck “I’m not saying this, but” way – Glenn’s slimy … Continue reading

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Sumner Redstone gone from CBS

The Man who believed he would live forever – and needed to make no succession plans for CBS or Viacom is gone. In recent days, shareholders filed lawsuits claiming that Sumner Redstone was being paid to do a job that … Continue reading

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Howard Stern futures

If Howard Stern doesn’t renew at Sirius/XM, will people stop subscribing? If you were in charge of programming and had $140 million a year freed up for different programming, who would you hire? Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You … Continue reading

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What Happened to Mike Church? While this directory is mainly focused on Terrestrial Radio, Mike Church is well enough known from Sirius/XM that some people probably wonder where he went and why. His show moved to Internet Only after SiriusXM pulled the plug. I’m … Continue reading

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What is a fair rate to stream music?

The Copyright Royalty Board was given the authority by Congress to set the rates that streaming companies have to pay to play music. There are lots of “not very visible” ties between radio and the music business. In order to … Continue reading

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Art Bell gives radio The Bird

By Bird, I mean the Westwood One XDS satellite. What were you thinking? This is a stunning announcement on many levels. For those of you who weren’t around or have moved on to other things, Art Bell was a pioneer. … Continue reading

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The new spineless SiriusXM

SiriusXM has almost no sponsors to boycott and no FCC rules about indecent content. The 25+ million subscribers pay for the service and know what they’re buying. Recently, SiriusXM replaced their programming director who had been Mel Karmazin’s sidekick since … Continue reading

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