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The CBS rumor is baaaack!

You may be aware that the vultures are circling around Sumner Redstone, the uber progressive that has a controlling interest in both CBS and Viacom Les Moonves (who runs CBS) is making his move – hoping to leverage CBS to … Continue reading

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Roger Hedgecock’s whopper

And I don’t mean nitric oxide pills.. On the day Roger Hedgecock spent most of the show talking about Brian Williams making things up, first Roger got punked by some kid making up a story about “Duke Kelly”, a guy … Continue reading

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CBS/Beasley station swap is a “done deal”

Tampa, Charlotte (NC) and Philadelphia are the cities affected. CBS gets stations in Philadelphia and Beasley gets these smaller market “Southern” radio stations. wHFS-FM in Florida has already switched from sports talk to “holiday” music in preperation for a new … Continue reading

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KFWB-AM in Los Angeles to drop news/talk

KFWB-AM is basically a CBS station but because of the TV/Radio cross ownership rules has to be held in an arm’s length trust. KFWB for the past couple years has been “almost all news” station. They started out being all … Continue reading

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Today’s big Radio rumor

This rumor is getting enough momentum that people are talking about it in open discussions. You probably are aware by now that Australian born Rupert Murdoch (Fox News, WSJ, etc) is making a bid to take over Time Warner. Time … Continue reading

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Chicago Cubs leaving WGN This is pretty big news for Chicago, and baseball and radio in general. Tribune Company owned not only the Cubs, but WGN-AM, WGN-TV and the Chicago Tribune newspaper. This company became vulnerable when they tried to get the State … Continue reading

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CBS has notified its paid users that it will go dead on April 28th. The music business is changing and that product no longer makes sense for CBS to operate. In slightly related news, BIA/Kelsey announced today that based … Continue reading

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One of the theoretical reasons behind the 1996 deregulation of Radio was larger operators (think Clear Channel) could operate up to 8 stations in a market (but no more than 5 AM or 5 FM). In smaller markets, the limits … Continue reading

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Man Cave Daily

CBS is promoting Man Cave Daily as a time waster. So tell me what message this page communicates… No Sweejack Here!

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