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Michael Moore

Lost in all the shock over the Trump victory is the fact that documentary maker Michael Moore said it was going to happen. 5 reasons Trump will win. He absolutely nailed the election on all 5 points. Now he points … Continue reading

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From my overstuffed mailbox

You may know and/or remember that I voted in the Democratitic primary for Bernie Sanders as part of operation chaos. Not surprisingly, the volume of 20th century mailers made from dead trees has zoomed up. The Christopher McPherson wrote this … Continue reading

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Change coming to the FCC

While the Supreme Court has more significant long term effects, the selection of Trump will profoundly change the FCC. The FCC is legally not a direct part of the government – it is an independent “commission” that operates independently, deriving … Continue reading

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President Trump

Incredibly hugely fantastic!

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And at the wire….

So far, Hillary has a much lower % than Obama in 2012 in every state, but I would not read much into that – yet

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Alex Jonesathon

Parrott mentioned this down in the comments, but Alex Jones has started a 52+ hour voting coverage-a-thon, where he will lose his mind on the air It probably only is available online. The past few days, he has been … Continue reading

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The horses are loading into the gate

Looking at today’s polls, nothing has suddenly changed in the last day. Don’t expect to know the winner Tuesday night, even if Dan Rather and Michael Bloomberg are sure. Hillary is definitely the favorite, but the track is muddy. May … Continue reading

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Puerto Rico and the election

JayMar mentioned in an email that the radio stations in Puerto Rico are not interested in the election. There is a reason. People born in Puerto Rico (ignoring military bases) have a peculiar legal status. They are US citizens, but … Continue reading

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NC Early Voting has ended

Early voting (not absentee) ended at 1 PM. It is hard to discern what it means other it increased a lot over 2012. Since you could vote at any polling place in the county, you can’t directly infer which sections … Continue reading

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It’s almost over

So the conclusion 4 days out is – there is no obvious winner on Tuesday. That by itself is pretty profound. With Donald J Trump getting almost no support from his own party and every major media outlet working against … Continue reading

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