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Well, this was in the NY times, so maybe it was too essy. This could be amusing. (Click for clearer image) Microsoft’s new toy. No penis pics – the NSA is watching.

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Connecticut weighs in

Polls arrived today for Connecticut. Once again Trump or Cruz will lose to either Hillary or Bernie. Kasich will beat either Democrat in November. While Connecticut is a relatively small state, it was one in the “could go either way” … Continue reading

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Reality Check Time

In 2012, Barack Obama carried New York State with 63% of the vote. For purposes of the Electoral vote estimates, that makes New York a “safe Democratic state” unless there are polls to the contrary. From Real Clear Politics List … Continue reading

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Is Bank of America “too big to fail”?

[Written February 11, 2016] Bank of America was the idea of a man named Hugh McColl – he ran a Charlotte based bank called NCNB (North Carolina National Bank). At the time, while FDIC insured deposits, banks were mostly regulated … Continue reading

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Bernie wins Utah by 80%, Idaho by 78%

Hillary got some ‘splaining to do… Sanders won in Idaho by 78% in a true caucus where people show up in a room and give speeches to convince the group who should be supported. Arizona went for Hillary but by … Continue reading

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The Sanders campaign is as dead as Antonin Scalia

Take a look at Real Clear Politics collection of polls The only states where Bernie may win are Vermont and Massachusetts. Hillary has an insurmountable lead in California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and even socialist … Continue reading

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Exploding head time

Charles Koch of the demonic Koch Brothers fame just wrote an op ed for the Washington Post praising (but not endorsing) Bernie Sanders Charles Koch: This is the one issue where Bernie Sanders is right I never would have guessed … Continue reading

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TBTF and the Bernie Effect

Bernie will win Minnesota without breaking a sweat. Minnesota’s Democratic party has deep socialist roots. There has been a major development there you are not likely to see on Fox News. The President of the Fed in Minneapolis is calling … Continue reading

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Trump and Bloomberg?

Michael Savage had Donald Trump as a guest last night for most of a half hour. Savage is unambiguously a Trump supporter. Savage asked Trump what he thought of former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg entering the Presidential race as … Continue reading

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