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Sex at the FCC

Forbes Story Thomas Reed is the head of the FCC’s Office of Communications Business Opportunities. His mandate is to seek out minorities and women to recruit them as business partners. Earlier in his career he was a senior prosecutor in … Continue reading

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The world ends today at 2:20 PM ET

Be sure to have a radio or TV turned on.

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Quinn & Rose back together again, almost

WAVL-AM in Apollo PA (Population 1,647) took advantage of the FCC Saving AM radio project and added an FM translator and did the opposite of most similar stations. They are switching from music to talk. Quinn’s one man act … Continue reading

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Saving Class A/B AM radio

The floodgates opened for Class A and B AM stations (really big stations) to add an FM translator by moving an existing FM translator up to 250 miles. The problem is the large AM stations tend to be in big … Continue reading

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FCC Spectrum Auction progress report

Current Bidding status The executive level summary is the TV stations want $88 billion to surrender their licenses, merging onto digital channels or going out of business. The wireless providers are willing to pay $11 Billion. Negotiations are continuing. The … Continue reading

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Saving AM Radio – Part 2

One part of the FCC strategy to “save” AM radio is to allow each AM station a once in a lifetime chance to move an existing FM translator up to 250 miles. An FM translator is a device that takes … Continue reading

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FCC Spectrum Auction Update

The Reverse Auction – where TV stations bid their offer downward – of what it will take for them to turn in their license – should finish on Wednesday Once the price of the 100 MHz of spectrum nationwide … Continue reading

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FCC TV Spectrum Case Study – New York City *updated

So the FCC is clearing everything above Channel 29 30,31,33,36,38,40,42,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51 (15 licenses) Available channels without channel sharing 2,4,5,6 9,10,12 14,15,16,17,19,20,25,26 (15 licenses) If every VHF channel is filled, nobody has to go off the air, except it isn’t that simple. … Continue reading

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Spectrum auction update

For a month, the FCC has been conducting the first phase of the TV buyback auction. Now that digital TV is everywhere and multiple streams of programming can be packed on a single signal, the FCC wants to compress the … Continue reading

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2:20 PM on Wednesday

If you want to catch the United States off guard, that would be the time to do something. You may remember earlier in the Obama years, FEMA and the FCC conducted a mandatory test of the national Emergency Alert System. … Continue reading

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