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I found a zombie!

Now that I have a more accurate way to know what radio stations you should be able to hear, it was time to test it in the real world. Back around Christmas time, I sat in a parking lot with … Continue reading

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Coming soon – Google Earth Integration

For years, there have been little tower icons that would launch Google Maps to show you the antenna for a radio station. This morning’s project is to create a wat to launch the 3D and street view of Google Earth … Continue reading

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New Station Format – Classic Hip-Hop

It started over the “holiday” season – perhaps a safe way to test a new format. As affluent educated white people abandon radio, Classic Hip Hop is not that illogical to fill the void. Baby Boomer Whites cling to their … Continue reading

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Dennis Miller gets the Cumulus heave-ho

Just two days after Roger Hedgecock sent out the 30 day affiliate notice he’s quitting, Westwood One is shoving Dennis Miller off their talk lineup plank. So you may be wondering who his replacement will be? Newt Gingrich? Jeb Bush? … Continue reading

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Is there a radio engineer in the house?

I would like guidance on whether I have the math right. This is a gross oversimplification ignoring antenna gain, non free space signal loss, directional antennas, etc – just distance, transmitter ERP and frequency to derive theoretical receiver dBm Do … Continue reading

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Happy First Net Neutrality Day

Mignon Clyburn will surely have a smile on her face this morning as she votes to neuter Rush Limbo.

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What is a “Reverse Morris Trust”? When Disney wanted to unload ABC Radio (selling it to Citadel), they used a Reverse Morris Trust – the same mechanism is probably in play for the CBS Radio spinoff to Cumulus Media if it happens. This is pretty … Continue reading

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Upheaval at Clear Ch… Err iHeart

All the important people that work for iHeart Media were summoned to a meeting with Bob Pittman. They knew it would not be to discuss the Oscar awards. Clear Channel is $20 billion in debt and as sick as Sumner … Continue reading

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The CBS rumor is baaaack!

You may be aware that the vultures are circling around Sumner Redstone, the uber progressive that has a controlling interest in both CBS and Viacom Les Moonves (who runs CBS) is making his move – hoping to leverage CBS to … Continue reading

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Eric Holder has announced there is no basis for bringing Federal Charges against White Hispanic George Zimmerman in the self defense shooting of vigilante Trayvon Martin Case Closed.

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