Desktop streaming is dead

Maybe the FCC has saved AM radio, but nothing will save desktop computers.

The just released metrics from Nielsen’s Triton digital is that 73.8% of all streaming is now done from mobile devices, mostly iDevices and Android.

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2 Responses to Desktop streaming is dead

  1. Fred Stiening says:

    From the beginning, I tried to communicate to anyone that would listen that stuffing a preroll video advertisement before a user starts to hear a stream was a really bad idea. You would never accept that on your car radio.

    YouTube just rolled out a $9.95 a month premium version to stop their prestream ads. Good luck on that!

  2. Parrott says:

    < "Desktop streaming is dead" Hate to hear that. That is all I use is a real computer to listen to stream at work.
    Ha Ha 'youTuber' I Guess the message I always leave on youtuber comments made a difference.
    "Whatever the product or service I see advertised on youtube, I will never buy or use and encourage others to do the same."
    LOL , Hate those ads, but I sure as hell am not paying them money,

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