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All News WTOP topples CBS’s WNEW-FM

CBS radio has given up trying to compete with Hubbard Radio’s WTOP in the Washington DC market. When CBS acquired the FM station from Family Broadcasting at 107.9, that freed up the 99.1 frequency to become an all news station … Continue reading

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Who is Jeffrey Marcus and how did he take control of Cumulus?

biography on Bloomberg Profile at Crestview, the PE firm he represents His radio roots go back to Chancellor, which became AMFM radio, which was quickly merged into Clear Channel. He also was involved with Cable TV in the early days, … Continue reading

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Dickeys are out at Cumulus – it’s official Michael Savage just found out. He has a lot at stake.

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End of the road – at the end of the road

This is somewhat stale news WELY AM and FM was a very unique and quirky station, in the middle of nowhere in the woods of Minnesota, (almost) literally at the end of the road [there is a small road that … Continue reading

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Did your local radio station start to suck this week?

A surprisingly large number of local radio stations still rely on syndicated music formats – that used to be provided by several competing companies. All of those competitors are now owned by Cumulus Media under the Westwood One branding. Those … Continue reading

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Bottom fishing

CharlotteNC is the czar of North Carolina radio, looking to take over all of the Confederate territories. The Source In Spartanburg SC is an AM/FM pair owned by the feeble Davidson Media group, which has slowly been unloading a number … Continue reading

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John Landecker gets the Cumulus handshake

You won’t read much about music DJ’s here, as 80+% of the folks who traverse hyperspace and wind up here are looking for Rush Limbaugh and his ilk. John Landecker is one of those names in Chicagoland that generates immediate … Continue reading

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Dirk Van gets to sleep in late now Dirk Van has been the host of First Light for a very long time. First Light and America in the Morning with Jim Bohannon are essentially the same show, but with different hosts and Pedigrees. First Light goes back … Continue reading

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The state of “local radio news”

Hofstra University in New York probably has the most credible University program for TV and Radio if you think you need to pay to learn the business. They do an annual survey of how many TV and Radio stations carry … Continue reading

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Say Good Night, KOKC

Source: Google Earth Word in the Tom Taylor newsletter that all three towers were destroyed by wind yesterday. If you’ve ever been to Oklahoma City, the one thing that stands out – because of the flat land and the amount … Continue reading

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