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The final days of iHeart / Clear Channel?

It’s official – bond holders of iHeart / Clear channel debt are fed up with the company diverting and selling off assets intended to protect the interests of the $20 billion in debt. iHeart, fearing that a default notice was … Continue reading

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The brink of default

Most corporate loan agreements have language requiring permission before corporate assets are transferred or the pecking order of who gets paid first is changed. IHeart (aka Clear Channel) tried to pull a fast one segregating assets away from the lenders. … Continue reading

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IHeart’s big news next week

Yesterday’s news is that Clear Channel Outdoors (owned 90% by iHeart) has sold some outdoor billboards in the US for in excess of $400 million, and another similar deal may happen today. CCO owns a lot of tangible assets, which … Continue reading

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New Radio Format – Gay Pride

The new format is listed under the category “Oppressed Voices”, although there is little evidence LGBT people face discrimination in the culture of the United States. LGBT folks have substantially higher incomes than the US average, as they are mostly … Continue reading

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Ibiquity sells its soul

HDRadio is the brand name and trademark for Ibiquity’s digital over the air radio that won FCC approval as the official (patented and proprietary) delivery method for AM and FM digital radio in 2002. It permits CD quality AM and … Continue reading

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Radio Engineer Porn

WLW-AM in Cincinnati is a one-of-a-kind radio station for a lot of reasons. It still dominates the ratings in Cincinnati and its entire programming lineup is live and locally produced. The station was acquired by Jacor in 1992, 4 years … Continue reading

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IHeart radio is so gay!

IHeart launches 24 hr/day Pride station in Minneapolis / Saint Paul You won’t find a call sign in most of the news stories. This is one of those “stations” (W244CS) that is really a low powered FM Translator being fed … Continue reading

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iHeart (Clear Channel) buys two Disney stations

WIBC is dropping Rush Limbaugh in Indianapolis – one of the station’s iHeart is buying is there.  It’s the only FM station Disney is unloading.  It might be unrelated.  Maybe a Rush should form a radio company and buy up … Continue reading

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Upheaval at Clear Ch… Err iHeart

All the important people that work for iHeart Media were summoned to a meeting with Bob Pittman. They knew it would not be to discuss the Oscar awards. Clear Channel is $20 billion in debt and as sick as Sumner … Continue reading

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Jurisdiction and the Rule of Law

Imagine that you’re driving down a residential street – and when you stop at a stop sign, a person in a car labeled “official government business” pulls you over. They walk up to your window and I announce – “hello, … Continue reading

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