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Mother Gaia is wobbling on her axis and the end could happen just any minute now – Don’t panic!

New York Observer

Yesterday,  I encountered an interesting story from some entity called “Observer” and subscribed to their newsletter.  It wasn’t clear if it is just a web site or a real newspaper, and no hint who owns it.    The articles are … Continue reading

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What is the purpose of Voice of America?

Voice of America was created in 1942 as a media outlet targeted at Europe to provide propoganda to support the war effort. It is not intended to be a domestic news service, which was changed during the final term of … Continue reading

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The Urge to Merge

A media merger that has been speculated about since the NAB convention has happened.   TV companies that got cash windfall from the spectrum auction are in a buying mood. One such company is Sinclair Broadcast Group. Sinclair owns around … Continue reading

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Trump takes on Deface the Nation


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China launches domestically built aircraft carrier

NY Times The Chinese are better at copying technology than creating it. The Chinese Navy currently has a second hand aircraft carrier that was built by the Soviet Union during the final years in the late 1980s. It is not … Continue reading

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Informed Delivery

Back in 2001, a 94 year old woman died after being exposed to weaponized anthrax. At the time, the government let out a little secret if you carefully read the accounts. Investigators discovered that the letter to the woman … Continue reading

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Bombs away!

The cruise missiles crater the runway in Syria, right out of a Tom Clancy novel. Your move, Russia. It can’t be a coincidence that Chinese President Xi Chinping is in Florida to talk with President Trump. Unlike Barack Obama, … Continue reading

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Would North Korea nuke Beijing?

Arthur Waldron is a professor of International Relations in the History Department at the University of Pennsylvania. He was a guest on John Batchelor’s show on April 5th Archive audio At 7:40, John telegraphs that he is going to “get … Continue reading

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Dakota Access pipeline begins operations

You didn’t read about this anywhere With the environmental protestors and their truckloads of gargabe gone, construction of the pipeline from the Bakken oil fields to Illinois is complete. The operator has begun filling the pipeline with oil to … Continue reading

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North Carolina repeals HB2, nobody happy Democratic governor Cooper has signed a law repealing HB2, and also rolling back the Charlotte ordinance that triggered the passage of HB2. Recognizing he has to give Republican legislators what they want, the repeal goes further than what Democrats … Continue reading

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