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Cumulus (CMLS) update

Mary Berner, the new CEO of Cumulus Media, held her first full year conference call with Wall Street investors Thursday after the market closed. This is the first quarter for which she was responsible for running the company. The financial … Continue reading

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The final days of iHeart / Clear Channel?

It’s official – bond holders of iHeart / Clear channel debt are fed up with the company diverting and selling off assets intended to protect the interests of the $20 billion in debt. iHeart, fearing that a default notice was … Continue reading

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The brink of default

Most corporate loan agreements have language requiring permission before corporate assets are transferred or the pecking order of who gets paid first is changed. IHeart (aka Clear Channel) tried to pull a fast one segregating assets away from the lenders. … Continue reading

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Hot Digity Dead

It’s a done deal. After a couple months of haggling, Alpha Media has closed on the financing of $264 million to acquire control of 116 struggling radio stations that were accumulated by a man named Dean Goodman, under the name … Continue reading

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Larry Elder gets another Chance

If you don’t know who Larry Elder is – he is a Los Angeles based black libertarian radio host with a long track record. He previously was in national syndication on ABC Radio and was let go in 2007 in … Continue reading

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Big changes at Salem Radio

* disclaimer – I am a stockholder in SALM For years, I have been advocating changes to the Salem Talk Lineup – the Bennett, Gallagher, Prager, Medved, Hewitt lineup hasn’t changed since I started tracking programming schedules. They’re all … Continue reading

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Sumner Redstone gone from CBS

The Man who believed he would live forever – and needed to make no succession plans for CBS or Viacom is gone. In recent days, shareholders filed lawsuits claiming that Sumner Redstone was being paid to do a job that … Continue reading

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Cumulus Media to undergo Transgender surgery

The New Cumulus is starting to emerge. The new CEO is not just an executive who happens to be a woman, but a woman on a mission to transform Cumulus into a female company. She just axed her male SVP … Continue reading

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IHeart’s big news next week

Yesterday’s news is that Clear Channel Outdoors (owned 90% by iHeart) has sold some outdoor billboards in the US for in excess of $400 million, and another similar deal may happen today. CCO owns a lot of tangible assets, which … Continue reading

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All News WTOP topples CBS’s WNEW-FM

CBS radio has given up trying to compete with Hubbard Radio’s WTOP in the Washington DC market. When CBS acquired the FM station from Family Broadcasting at 107.9, that freed up the 99.1 frequency to become an all news station … Continue reading

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