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Chicago Update

Just a recap of events – the original plan was to be in Chicago for 3 weeks of training, then return to Connecticut and work  remotely for 6 months. (longer if they renew the contract) We had talked in general … Continue reading

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Leaving your identity behind

I’m 1000 miles from “home” and it happens.  I’m at Target to  buy some Lemon Pledge for my new home and I reach for my wallet and it’s not there.   Oh crap.  Maybe it is in the car – … Continue reading

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Customer Service (or not)

I need to make the dreaded “cable guy” appointment with Comcast to install Internet access.   Hey, it’s 5 AM sleepy heads! The email  Comcast sent me says “Comcast is available to assist you 24 hours a day / 7 … Continue reading

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I <3 Chicago

I spent most of today going to downtown Chicago and out on the Blue line and seeing if things have changed in 20 years. I was pretty overwhelmed with emotion realizing how much I hate Connecticut and why – and … Continue reading

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Moving on

I survived the first week at my new job in Chicago! On Friday, I took occupancy of an apartment about 3 blocks from work in a fantastic location for my needs – it couldn’t have worked out better. What does … Continue reading

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Andrew Wilkow’s new adventure

Andrew Wilkow is a man who actually is a “young blood” Conservative   He worked for WABC in New York for a while and left to do a show on Sirius / XM. He has a new daily show in … Continue reading

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Fun with Siri

I gave in and committed myself to another two years of freedom with an iPhone. The current model has a very clever thing called Siri that is a voice activated assistant – intended to do things like “invite bill to … Continue reading

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Romney to NAACP: Go F* yourselves

That’s the message WOL-AM in Washington DC heard Hey, it worked for Bill Clinton and Sister Souljah–20120312 In other Communisty news, Jesse Jackson Jr, a current member of the US House from Chicago has vanished without explanation.  Dad … Continue reading

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I scream for Ice Cream!

If you remember chasing after the Mr Softee truck as a child, this development may interest you.  Social media and food trucks are already disrupting brick and mortar restaurants.   Why pay property taxes to the city, collect sales tax, … Continue reading

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Who can you trust?

Not radio Triton Digital did a survey to find out which sources of information people trust.  TV is still the answer – radio scored 18% lagging behind the 20% dismal number for newspapers. While the pressure must be intense … Continue reading

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