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Johnny Donovan and Cumulus split up

Radio Online Totally no surprise here. Johnny has been at WABC in New York so long that he was there playing music back in the days before Rush Limbaugh. For those keeping score at home, Donovan’s voice is heard on … Continue reading

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Why Rush is dragging down talk radio! Orly? 25 years later, Rush is still to blame for destroying AM radio. This is a widely held belief of the bitter clingers holding onto their 45 RPM record players and worshiping John Lennon.

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Happy First Net Neutrality Day

Mignon Clyburn will surely have a smile on her face this morning as she votes to neuter Rush Limbo.

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Waking the Deaf

Rush Limbaugh started his show on Friday, telling how he was late getting to the studio because he overslept. His wife was out of town for some reason. He announced he was terrified he would not wake up on time … Continue reading

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How to not be a salesman

More from the totally random department… This week, Rush Limbaugh returned from his surgery to install a second cochlear implant. He spent a good part of an hour talking about the mechanics of how hearing works, how cochlear implants work, … Continue reading

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Rush to get second cochlear implant I remember exactly where I was when Rush told his audience he had lost all of his hearing. At the time, he mentioned that his doctor wanted to only operate on one ear, in case a better solution came … Continue reading

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Ditto heads invade Fire Chat!

Cc posted this link on another story about Fire Chat If I’ve been scarce the past few days, I’ve been Community Organizing on Fire Chat. This app is what the Arab Spring wanted. When Mubarak turned off the Internet, … Continue reading

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Rush and the White House Press

During the first hour today, Rush spent a good part of the show talking about the a white House press corps. His revelation is that the press tell the staff what they want to ask questions about, and then the … Continue reading

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Geoff Edwards dead at 83

I remember him as host of several TV game shows in my youth. He also had a radio career at KFI-AM in Los Angeles and several other stations. Tom Taylor recalls in his newsletter that Tom Leykis was responsible for … Continue reading

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The “Cronkite Award”

You may have heard that the newest MSNBC host won the “Cronkite Award” for something or other after 3 days on the job. Ronan Farrow is the daughter of Mia Farrow and probably Frank Sinatra. I didn’t hear it, but … Continue reading

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