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Be very scared!

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WBT-AM sold to Beasley

WBT-AM is a nighttime clear channel 50 kW station on 1110 kHz based in Charlotte and that has a directional signal that aims up the I-85 corridor, but because of low ground conductivity (and being at a higher frequency) has … Continue reading

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If you happen to be in New England, I just heard a local radio ad for the McDonakd lobster roll for $8.95 It is just a matter of time until there are lobster McNuggets

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Praise Allah at the K&W

Deonte Lanier claims to be a Moorish citizen and not subject to the laws of Christians. He was accused of a murder in Charlotte in 2012. Drug related, of course. His white girlfriend initially talked to police, but when … Continue reading

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National Helium Reserve

Just as we’re starting to deal with the scourge of dihydrogen monoxide poisonings, the United States has a helium shortage, caused by mismanagement by the bureau of land management. I guess fearing that China would steal the entire world supply … Continue reading

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Rorschach test

Crime rate (the Darker Blue, the safer the area) % population who identify as black Downtown has a lot of robberies – it has a mix of rich people, alcohol and public transit. Crime stats can also skew the area … Continue reading

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Even after losing all my boosters…

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Pepsi wants naked men in your daughter’s shower

PepsiCo CEO joins growing list of companies calling for LGBT law repeal You may have heard that the legislature of North Carolina rushed into special session after the City of Charlotte passed an ordinance 7-4 to require businesses to allow … Continue reading

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Chaos in North Carolina

The governor of North Carolina is calling the Legislature into special session to vote on delaying North Carolina’s primary, currently scheduled in Mid March. The reason is the Voting Rights Act – a Federal Court threw out the existing maps … Continue reading

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The day of the big event whose name may not be mentioned is here

The Carolina® team that plays a sporting event with a pointy ball are expected to win the once a year contest watched by thousands of Americans around the world. The Rand Corporation reports it is theoretically possible North Korea will … Continue reading

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