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Revised registration process

I’m shocked that letting Google know the blog exists caused a flood of bogus registrations (even with my US only filters). Should anyone try to register, they now have to confirm the registration before the account is even created, so … Continue reading

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Your city needs a free MRAP

There aren’t even 13,000 cities in the United States.

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The woman succumbs to sports

Okay, this story can get me in trouble fast. Over in Saint Louis, someone got the bright idea (again) to target an AM radio station only at women with all female hosts. There is only one station I can think … Continue reading

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Victor Alfonso-Manzano Mendez charged with no driver’s license

WBTV Coverage Police charged Victor with felony hit and run after he killed a 52 year old woman who was jaywalking and crossing a busy street at night during a rainstorm. The police probably would have been sympathetic – except … Continue reading

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More trouble for Tony Alamo

A judge entered a default judgement for $545 million against Alamo and his “church”. The lawyer suing Alamo says he isn’t sure if he’ll collect the entire amount. I’m sure. Alamo is in Federal prison serving essentially a life sentence. … Continue reading

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What it looks like when white people riot

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If Google was a person?..

Be sure you watch to the end 😉 An important part of understanding the Internet is that what people say they use it for is very different than what they actually use it for (thinking nobody is watching)? Lycos used … Continue reading

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What’s Old is New Again

The True Oldies Channel which used to be syndicated by the ABC Radio Network was Scott Shannon. He has an exceptional standard for the quality of the audio, song selection, and applying digital enhancement to the songs – in addition … Continue reading

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FBI busts “gun control” gun smuggler

It’s a busy day at the FBI State Senator Yee was busted for a variety of things, including gun smuggling. Senator Yee is an advocate of gun control. The author of the story describes that as ironic. I describe … Continue reading

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CBS has notified its paid users that it will go dead on April 28th. The music business is changing and that product no longer makes sense for CBS to operate. In slightly related news, BIA/Kelsey announced today that based … Continue reading

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