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Alice doesn’t patent here any more

The US Supreme Court is hearing a really important case today that will have a huge effect on computer software. The Patent Office lacks the skills to make sense of computer software patents, and most people in the software … Continue reading

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The war goes on…

So despite banning most of the world beyond the United States, folks still try to break in to the web server… Here is the web log from yesterday: – – [29/Mar/2014:18:49:12 -0400] “GET /licensee-list.php?showall=etc/passwd HTTP/1.0” 403 249 “-” “-” … Continue reading

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Forget mining bitcoins – mine IPv4 addresses

Back before the beginning of the Internet, folks at ARPA sat down to figure out a reasonable way for defense contractors at Universities to get their computers to talk to each other. They eventually created a thing called IP, which … Continue reading

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The War on CH4

Friday, the President and his czars declared war on Methane (CH4), one of the most basic building blocks of carbon based life. The stated reason is that methane is a “potent greenhouse gas” – more than carbon dioxide. However, methan … Continue reading

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Is Citi the next Lehman Brothers? Citi is now in trouble with the Feds for several reasons – far flung overseas operations with lax audit controls and allegations of facilitating money laundering. Can the concept of “Civil Forteiture” be applied to a bank and the … Continue reading

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Mozilla is so gay!

The co-founder of Mozilla and creator of JavaScript is under fire. Three of the six board members have quit because Brendon Eich committed the outrageous act of giving money to Prop 8 in California to define marriage between one man … Continue reading

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Georestricting is here!

This is starting to show up more and more, and yet another reason to abandon player links here. Modern browsers have added in the ability of the web site to ask you your GPS coordinates. I use this feature in … Continue reading

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Cumulus hires new national talk show host

Mike Rogers is a Republican Congressman from Michigan. He is currently the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, which oversees the NSA. He is also a former FBI agent. Washington Post I think a new name just popped on to … Continue reading

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Breaking News!!! Fox Sports lineup changes!!!

Debris found in the Indian ocean! Actually, these changes happened last December and I just spotted them. I remember writing that Fox Sports Radio might fold if Clear Channel decided not to renew their contract. Clear Chanel did, and booted … Continue reading

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Layoffs at Sikorsky

Sikorsky Aircraft makes helicopters. Very Expensive Helicopters for folks who don’t look at the price tag – the US Government in particular. They were the major industrial employer still left in the area of Connecticut where I used to live. … Continue reading

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