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Tanks from Turkey cross into Syria

CNN Things can’t possibly get more confusing or dangerous. Turkey says they did it to go after Kurdish fighters backed by the US to “get ISIL” – or is it to overthrow President Assad? Or to kill ISIS? In recent … Continue reading

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Freedom of Navigation

The Arbitration body empowered to resolve disputes over where the water boundaries are has just ruled against China. This ruling was been coming for months and the decision was as expected. The subject is the South China Sea The issue … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia threatens United States with economic war

NY times If Congress orders the declassication of the 28 pages of the 9/11 report detailing Saudi Royal family members in the planning and funding of the attack on the World Trade Center, the Saudi government pledges to dump all … Continue reading

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Suez in 1956

It’s pretty inconceivable after watching last night’s Republican debate with Hugh Hewitt’s attempt to attack Trump over his alleged “neutrality” on the Israeli / Palestinian problem, and Marco Rubio’s assertion that Gaza is “Israeli land”…. but… After Egypt nationalized the … Continue reading

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US to deploy B1(b) and B-52 bombers in Australia

Intenational Business Times North Korea claims it now has a miniaturized hydrogen bomb that could be placed on a ballistic missile. That seems extremely unlikely *unless* someone sold them the finished product. In any case, this escalation is likely to … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia and Turkey ready for war with Russia Saudi Arabia has moved aircraft to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, near the border with Syria. Saudi Arabia has stated clearly this is to topple Assad. In the event of a shooting war, Turkey has a lot of vulnerabilities, … Continue reading

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The day of the big event whose name may not be mentioned is here

The Carolina® team that plays a sporting event with a pointy ball are expected to win the once a year contest watched by thousands of Americans around the world. The Rand Corporation reports it is theoretically possible North Korea will … Continue reading

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Lurch Blinks

John Kerry has announced that regime change is off the table in Syria. The people of Syria get to choose their leader. What a difference four submarine launched nuclear capable cruise missiles can make.

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Donald Trump talks to Alex Jones about The Truth

During the second half the third hour, Donald Trump had a very amicable conversations with Donald Trump about ISIS and related topics. Your can hear the discussion on the 24/7 Alex Jones stream

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It’s always about the oil

Contrary to many American’s perception, Syria has oil and natural gas fields. Before Barack Obama decided the Dictator Assad had to go, despite winning a three way election with 10 million votes, Syria was making deals to increase oil production, … Continue reading

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