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The part of radio that makes its living by talking

Herman Cain leaves the stage

Herman “9-9-9” Cain has had enough. He has turned in his 30 day notice to his syndicator. He will still be heard on WSB in Atlanta and other Cox stations. The syndicator is suggesting Kilmeade as a replacement. It may … Continue reading

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Michael Savage entering Radio Hall of Fame

The Museum of Broadcasting History in Chicago is adding the latest crop of inductees tonight. This year they let let listeners vote, so Michael Savage has one more claim to fame. Also being inducted is Steve Harvey, who just announced … Continue reading

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The new pecking order

With the normal disclaimer that this web site only measures the people who visit here Streaming Stats There are a lot fewer people now in syndicated talk. Hugh Hewitt has taken over for Bill Bennett in the mornings on Salem … Continue reading

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Coming in December – CRTV

Just in time to start the countdown until Hillary is unelected in 2020, Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin and NAFTA immigrant Mark Steyn join forces on CRTV, a video pay TV channel for right minded Conservatives. Announcement Pre-orders are available for … Continue reading

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Chris Plante gets national syndication deal

With Johnny B leaving Westwood One, Chris Plante was a pretty obvious choice. By conforming to the 9AM-noon (ET) time block, the show becomes an easy choice to replace Glenn Beck or perhaps Laura Ingraham. Brandmeier is leaving in early … Continue reading

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Hurricane Hate hits Wisconsin

John Murphy (if that’s his real name!) walked out of his studio 15 minutes before his 6-9 AM show ended on WAYY-FM in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. (Probably 12 minutes of commercials left). His employer Mid-west Family Broacasting is a family … Continue reading

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Hello Dolly!

Dolly Kyle popped up on Alex Jones Friday. She knew Bill Clinton from their teenage years. She wrote a book for Worldnet Daily. Unlike most of the other anti-Clinton women, her ire is aimed mostly at Hillary, not Bill, with … Continue reading

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Is the government exaggerating hurricane threats?

Rush has pushed himself into the middle of this controversy, accusing NOAA, NASA, FEMA and the National Weather Service of hyping the danger of hurricanes in part to further the narrative about “global climate change” This definitely has some truth … Continue reading

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Johnny B cut loose

When Dennis Miller left syndicated radio on Westwood One, someone came up with Jonathan Brandmeier as a replacement. He was well known in Chicago mostly an entertainment radio talker, talking about movies, TV, celebrity gossip. He had his own band … Continue reading

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Michael Savage put in “timeout”

Breitbart There was no mention of this in any of the Radio industry news sources, except this one from Radio Ink, which is reporting the story after Breitbart broke the story. The only reason I found out was listening to … Continue reading

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