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Live365 Isn’t

The folks at Live365 used the performance royalty hike from $.14 per hundred songs to $.17 as the reason for firing their employees and ceasing operations. Live365 was never a major player in streaming. Most of its remaining clients were … Continue reading

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Pandora’ing “fairness”

Yesterday was much more important to radio than the Fed interest rates. THe copyright royalty Board (CRB) made its decision what the fair amount to pay for playing music is over the Internet for the next 5 years. * Boring … Continue reading

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The End for Rdio

One of the last major decisions of the Dickey brothers at Cumulus was an agreement to switch their online streaming to Rdio. The announcement came out of nowhere and the sudden conversion of the Cumulus websites went poorly – the … Continue reading

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Desktop streaming is dead

Maybe the FCC has saved AM radio, but nothing will save desktop computers. The just released metrics from Nielsen’s Triton digital is that 73.8% of all streaming is now done from mobile devices, mostly iDevices and Android.

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Ibiquity sells its soul

HDRadio is the brand name and trademark for Ibiquity’s digital over the air radio that won FCC approval as the official (patented and proprietary) delivery method for AM and FM digital radio in 2002. It permits CD quality AM and … Continue reading

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Tunein goes Premium

Tunein introduced a new paid subscription service. The main feature is 600 channels will be available without commercials, with carefully selected filler music covering the commercial breaks, along with Baseball. Tunein is a much bigger deal than SRGuide is … Continue reading

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Competition is good

The CEO of Emmis Radio has been on a campaign for a long time to get cell phone makers to enable their capability to listen to FM radio stations (the Wifi connection is itself just an FM receiver, so this … Continue reading

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Neil Young wants to bring back 8 track tapes I believe that makes it official.

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The Death of Winamp

Nullsoft was the company behind Winamp and Shoucast, the MP3 streaming service. They used to be the main rival to Microsoft’s Windows Media Player. They got sucked into the AOL bubble at the point AOL was sucking the hardest – … Continue reading

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Which brand will your next car be – Apple or Google?

GM has sided with Google. At their developers conference, Google laid out their vision for many things, one of which is Android Auto Working in conjunction with your Android phone, your console can show turn by turn navigation, make phone … Continue reading

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