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Ground Zero

Premiere has a new syndicated show – a Coast to Coast like program that was a local show on KXL has gone national. The hours are not yet clear – the web page says 7PM-Midnight Pacific (10 PM – 3 … Continue reading

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(Oops – forgot to click “publish”) Friday was the final day of the G Gordon Liddy Show. Mrs Liddy died about a year ago.   The G-man has previously said he would keep doing the show until the day he … Continue reading

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Trouble in Grant’s Pass, Oregon

Today began with an Email telling me that WTNT has dropped America’s Morning News. This is significant because WTNT was the “flagship” station for the show affiliated with the Washington Times and syndicated by Talk Radio Network. TRN is located … Continue reading

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Who is doing the shootings in Chicago?

First a map The quick overview of who lives where in Chicago – from Roosevelt South and including Harvey, from Lake Michigan west to the Dan Ryan freeway and just beyond is the Democratic Party plantation – originally blacks … Continue reading

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Overheard in Park Ridge

If the name sounds familiar, Park Ridge is the Chicago suburb where a young Hillary Clinton grew up and began to admire Barry Goldwater – before she went off to college and was consumed by the charms of Bill Clinton. … Continue reading

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Welcome back

The server is back online (mostly) The eMachine that ran the server for the past year may not have survived bouncing across the Seneca Indian reservation on route 17, but the ruggedized USB drive did as well as the older … Continue reading

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You’ve been Zeeked

A million people apparently thought that with pixie dust you could make 1.5% per day on your “investment” The SEC just seized it.   The company has about $225 million in the bank and investors believe they have $3 … Continue reading

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A day for endings

My day began with the sad news that as we know it is going away.    The owners are retiring and Tom Taylor (my main source for radio industry news) is leaving to pursue other interests. is going to … Continue reading

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In the News…

Big news day – my time and energy is limited, so here is the placeholder if you have opinions – Buckley Broadcasting (now on the Third Generation ™) has announced it is selling WOR-AM to Clear Channel.  Goodbye Joan Hamburg, … Continue reading

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And the Winner is….

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, the individual who has the legal responsibility to pass a budget in the House and send it to the Senate for approval, which he has done like clockwork – only to have Harry S. … Continue reading

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